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2012 Customer Feedback

All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies. We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.



Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY

Puggles, Baily, Cali, Zoie,

Yvonne & Mark-

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We just wanted to send some photos of our pups.

They truely are best of friends and are inseparable.

We got our little pup (Cassandra) Zoie now back in July.

Our 2 puggles Cali & Zoie are best of friends and couldnt be

any happier we went for a 2nd one. When we go home my sister has a puggle she got from you guys as well, Baily.  

They don't go far from each other. Thanks for the wonderful dogs!

We will ALWAYS have puggles!!!




Thanks again,

Natasha & Christopher D.

January 2012


Puggle, Ollie

Mark and Yvonne,


I hope you remember us we bought Ollie from you guys back in April of 2011, and from the moment I picked him up at the airport he has been such a mommas boy.. He is such a sweet dog I love him so much he always makes me smile when I come home from a long day or just wake up he is there giving love and lots of kisses. I have to admit I was a little nervous about purchasing a dog I couldn't actually see first but it has been by far the best investment I have ever made. Ollie spends alot of time playing with our girls and he love love loves to play ball. He also loves to go in the car .. I wanted to thank you very much for giving us the son we never knew we always wanted we are forever puggle lovers because of you. Thanks again and I will try to send you guys more pictures of him..


Clint and Morgan C.

January 2012


Puggle, Hudson

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

Now that it has almost been a year since I adopted my puppy Hudson (formerly Spuds) I thought it would be a good time to update you. Things have been absolutely amazing for us! Hudson was the best puppy and super easy to assimilate into the family. He is now crate trained and fully socialized and loving life. We walk about four miles on the beach everyday and he loves playing with other dogs and chasing seagulls and sand flies.

He also comes camping, hiking, on bike rides and out to eat and is the perfect size to take with us everywhere we go. We havent had a single problem, he gets along great with other dogs, kids and cats. He has drastically enriched my life and it wont be long until we have another puggle around, my dad is planning on adopting one from you guys soon!

Thanks so much for the happy healthy puppy!





January 2012


Puggle, Dudley



attached find a picture of Dudley

we purchased him from you in

August 2010

he was from your June litter

you called him Eli.


He is still the cutest dog and acts like a puppy.  We love him

Carol and Rich

January 2012


Beabull Bull, Axel

Hello Mark and Yvonne,
I hope February finds you well. I am writing to you so I can update you on Axel the Beabull Bull that I got from you in November. He is doing amazing and has brought nothing but happiness in to my life. He is one of the sweetest most well behaved pups you could ask for. Not a day goes by that someone does not fall in love with him. He has been doing great with his socialization and training. He is perfect in every way one could imagine. I just want to thank you for allowing me to get a chance to bring this little guy into my life. He has one of the most outgoing, goofy and sometimes mischievous personalities I have every seen in a dog which makes him all the more special. He has quadrupled in size since we picked him up and gotten even more handsome. I can't thank you enough and you will be hearing from me again when I am ready for my next pup.


Thank you again,

February 2012


Puggle, Lainey

Mark and Yvonne,
We just wanted to take a moment to share how happy we are with our Puggle, Lainey.  We got her from you the end of June 2011 (her birth name was Misha), shortly after our puggle, Molly (1 ½ yrs.old) tragically passed away after stepping into a large fire ant’s nest.  We were devastated losing her to such a senseless event.  To lift our spirits we searched the internet to look at Puggle pictures and came across your website.  We hesitated to bring a new puppy into our family, particularly purchasing one through the internet, sight unseen.  We researched extensively and found only positive feedback regarding Rockin R Puppies.  We are now one of those customers that want to share what a wonderful, reputable organization you are.  From the caring and responsive discussions we had with you even prior to our decision, to the care taken to transport our Lainey to us, and now almost 9 months later, we can’t tell you how pleased we are.  She is very sweet, loves to cuddle, plays hard and gets along well with our Lab, Pomeranian and kitty. 

We run a taekwondo studio in Bradenton, Florida.  Lainey joined my husband Tom regularly at the studio and everyone fell in love with her.  So much so, that one of our students and his family (The Kyle’s) purchased a little boy puggle named Miles.  They were so happy with him, they just got another little boy this week. 


We had the good fortune to get to take care of both Miles and Newton over the weekend.  The dogs had so much fun together. I’ve attached some photos of Lainey as well as her “cousins” Miles (blue collar) and Newton (light colored puppy).







Tom and Patti Carpenter
Lakewood Ranch, Florida



February 2012


Puggle, Baxter

Mark and Yvonne, 

I got Baxter, a puggle puppy, from you about a month ago and I just wanted to give you a little update on him.  He is the greatest little dog!  Always ready to play and excited to meet new people and other animals.  He's doing very well with potty training and has had only a small number of accidents in the house over the past week.  He is completely crate trained and never fusses too much when I have to crate him before I leave for work.  Sometimes he even goes in his crate for a little nap while I am home and he has the run of the house!  Of course his favorite place to sleep is on my lap while I'm watching TV.  All my neighbors love him and tell me all the time how cute and sweet he is.  His best friend is Roxie, the pit bull mix who lives next door.  They could play together for hours!  His veterinarian, Dr. Poe, also thinks he's a great little guy.  He is perfectly healthy and growing at a good rate.  


Baxter is really smart too!  He learned 'Sit' in about 10 minutes, it was a piece of cake!  We are still working on the leash training.  He's pretty curious about everything and likes to wander off the sidewalk to investigate, but he's getting better everyday.  Thank you so much for raising such a great, friendly, healthy, intelligent little guy and for allowing me to bring him into my home!  He is a joy and a constant source of entertainment.  I now couldn't picture my life without him.  



April 2012


Puggle, Addy

Good Morning,

I just wanted to send you this email to update you on Addy.
She is doing wonderful.  I could not have asked for a better dog/puppy.  She loves attention.  If she sees someone and they do not pay attention to her she wines.  She loves to play and when she disappears I have to go looking for her because normally she is doing something she is not suppose to be doing.  She has learned 2 commands.  She sits when told to (most of the time) and she is working on stay (this is a work in progress because she only stays for a short while and then she wants what you are giving her.) 

She slept through the night the first night she came home.  She was up 2 or 3 times a night for a few weeks and now she lays down around 7:30 PM, I let her out once before I go to bed and she sleeps all night.  Once she hears my alarm in the morning she is up and wines to go outside, and when she comes back in she is ready to play.  The kids absolutly love her!  She has learned how to jump up on our couch so when we are sitting down at night watching TV she climbs up and lays either right in your lap or right next to you.


I am extremely pleased with Addy and I defiantly will recommend you guys and will come back in the future for more puppies (as long as you are breeding).
Thanks for everything,

April 2012


Beabull Bull, Beeny

Hello this is brent, dawn and family. We got our beabull bull from you guys. Her name is Beeny and she has been very good for our home. She gets along great with her big 110 lb brother (american bulldog) and loves our florida weather. Thank you very much for our little princess.


Thanks again

May 2012


Mini Bull, Bentley aka Mr. Rocko

Hi guys,

Heres just a few updated and recent pictures of the famous rocko hope you enjoy them ! He's a fabulous,loveable and very energetic dog !!! Enjoy

Sincerely, The Correia's

June 2012


Puggle, Vito aka Max


I wanted to send you an update on Max (We renamed him Vito).  He is doing great and is loved by everyone.    He enjoys taking walks, snuggling, playing with his toys and doing all the mischief things that puppies love to get into to.  We absolutly enjoy having him in our lives.  He makes us laugh everyday. 


Everyone tells us that we have the most beautiful dog.  Below are some pictures of Vito now. 


Thanks:) happy

  Alicia and Jim Janacone

June 2012


Beabull, Chunk

Mark and Yvonne,

My name is Danielle Priestle and my husband Seth and I purchased a beabull puppy from you in May 2011. We named him Chunk!  


He is an amazing dog with a great demeanor. He is extremely lovable and greets everyone with kisses! He loves kids and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He has brought so much joy to our family.  We can't thank you enough.










He is currently 15 months old and 65 pounds(but still thinks he's a lap dog!!).

The vet told us at his last check-up that he is in perfect health.



Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family,
Danielle and Seth Priestle

June 2012


Froston, Mila

Hi Yvonne and Mark, 

I hope you are enjoying your summer and the new puppies that I see you are taking care of right now. I just wanted to email you and give you a little update on Mila (Cadence).  Currently, Mila is almost 8 months old and we have enjoyed her personality and demeanor each and every day since we picked her up from the airport in December!




 Mila is extremely smart and caught on to potty training right away, which was great.  We live about five minutes from the beach so I would have to say that is one of her favorite places to be besides the backyard and laying out in the pool on a float.

Mila's favorite snacks are carrots which she gets when she sits and gives her paw.  We are trying to work on other tricks but that is about it so far!  She has a great bill of health and has completed all of her shots according to our vet.  As of right now, she is about 24 lbs. and has remained at that weight for the last two months.  We would like to thank you for allowing us to adopt such a healthy and happy puppy and we can't wait to update you again next year!


Kind Regards,

Alyssa and Myles

June 2012


Puggle Bull, Lambeau

Hi Mark & Yvonne,

I just wanted to say hello and let you know how Lambeau (Stubby) is doing. He's almost 4 years old and has such a great personality:) He loves carrying his bed all over the house, but loves it right in front of the window in the living room, so he can look out:) I just wanted to let you know that I wish we were ready for another dog, since our Vegas (Boxer) passed away because your puppies would be the place we would go:) We decided to give Lambeau all our attention right now but I wanted everyone to know how happy I am with you two and your wonderful puppies:)

I have posted a link to your website on my business page at:

I know that all those puppies are loved and cared for before they even get into their new families hands:) Thanks again so much for everything you do and for the those adorable little pups:)

Much Love,

Jaime Martin

June 2012


Beabull Bull, Oakley

Here is a great picture of Rudolph (purchased dec 2011).  We renamed him Oakley.  He gets so much attention.  We recently took him on a 5K Cancer walk and this is the picture they used on their website.  I thought you might want to see how good looking he is. 


Chris Schwartzmiller

July 2012


Beabull Bull, Koda

Hey Mark!
Hows it going? I purchased Koda (Tula) last year around this time and now that she's a year older I wanted to share how amazing she is with you guys! When You guys sent her she was a shy puppy but now she is the most playful pup there is. She is full of energy and loves to play frisbee. She was a bit tough to train but she's got some tricks locked down now. Koda is incredibly cuddly and very gentle. She also loves people! She is about 35-40lbs now and just turned a year old in June. She is a true blessing to the family and I just wanted to thank you guys for sending such a great puppy and for being a truly great breeder!


Thank you so much for the new family member,
James A. Fisher

July 2012


Beabull Bull, Layla

Hi Yvonne,

Today is Layla’s (Jade) first birthday and we thought today would be the perfect time to update you on her.  She has been with us since last October and since the day she arrived she has had our hearts.  She has grown into such a wonderful, well behaved dog that loves everyone.  Each day is more wonderful to come home to her super cute face and loving personality.  She is known around town for her outgoing personality and her need to love everyone


(She is a kisser) but at home she is nothing but a cuddle bug.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog to fit into our little family and I thought I would send along a few pictures to show you just how cute she has gotten!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this sweet little girl in our lives!




Thank you,

Christine & Doug

August 2012


Puggle, Shawna Ooma

Hi...was thinking about your website tonight and decided to see what puppies you have now.  I bought "Shawna" and picked her up from JFK in August 2009.  We named her Ooma.  She was the cutest little puppy I ever saw.  She is now 3, and she is my baby!  Ooma is so sweet, loves attention and extremely loyal.  The vet said she is petite...which I am glad (I didnt want a big dog)...weighs just under 23 lbs, and should really be 4 lbs lighter (I give too many treats).  She is excellent with children, cats, and other dogs.  I can definitely recommend your puppies....I am sure they are all like Ooma! 

Thanks, Ann

P.S. Some more pictures of my baby....and she is so good with other dogs.  We adopted Ruby last year...and you would think they were together since birth!

August 2012


Puggle, Diego aka Vinny

Hi Yvonne and Mark,

I just wanted to give you an update on Diego (fka Vinny).  My husband and I purchased him from you in February 2011.  

Diego has been a dream come true.  He is fun, loving, sweet, affectionate and more wonderful than words can describe.  He is energetic but loves to cuddle.  He will give you  kisses as long as you let him.  He greets everything with a million kisses.  His nickname is Love Bug.  It's so appropriate for him.  He has never been mad, ever, and he will be 2 in December.  He is the happiest dog that I've ever seen.  His tail is always wagging.  

We have a beagle that is a few years older than him and he took to Charlie so quickly.  He loves him to pieces.  Diego loves to play with him and they just love playing chase together. 

I can't express enough how much we love Diego and how much joy he has brought to us.  He is so beautiful and loving.  He is so healthy and has such a personality.  Everyone that sees him has to stop to look at him.  Everyone says how beautiful he is.  He is smart and very witty.  He likes to play hide and seek, chase and tug of war.

Thank you very much for such a healthy, gorgeous dog.  I've attached some photos of him so you can see how he's grown.  Please feel free to use this e-mail in your customer feedback. 

Once again, thank you so much.

Best wishes,
Theresa Pavon

September 2012


Beabull, Morgan

Our first puppie we bought from you....
Her name is Morgan I think you called her Lucia.
 Before and after pics. She will be 4 Oct 22nd :)

Mark Kreischer

October 2012

Puggle, Jace

Hi Mark & Yvonne,

It's finally about time that we gave you both an update on Jace. My husband and I bought him from you back in April 2011, he'll be 2 in January. He has been the best thing that has happened to us. Jace is a very healthy, happy, smart, fun loving puggle. He loves playing with his toys and other dogs (about 2x his size). Jace loves going to daycare, the park and playing with his half brother Dexter (who was also purchased from you). Jace always seems to put a smile on our face even when we have had bad days.



Thank you!

Sarah, Eric & Jace

October 2012


Puggle, Franklin

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

I wanted to send you an update on my puggle, Franklin, I got from you from your March 13, 2012 litter.  He is such a great addition to our household. He is so loving and loves to cuddle up. He is very active, he loves playing with his variety of toys and our black lab, Kennedy. He also likes to watch TV with us. He loves meeting new people whether it be at the park, beach or Petco.




He loves the southern California sun and will lay out on the grass all day.  He is doing very well and I will always have Puggles from now on! I've attached some updated pictures of Franklin.





Kathleen Lally


October 2012


Puggles, Skeeter and Tinker

Just wanted to give you some updated photos of the joys you have given to us.

Ralo and Bindi;)

Thank you for being the best Puggle breeders!

Jen Dowe & Jay Hetherington

October 2012


Puggle, Harley

Last Christmas we bought an adorable puppy for our son & family, Harley! You guys were a pleasure to work with! Answered all of my questions, concerns & theywere always available when I needed them. Our Harley is amazing and such a good strong boy! Besides the shoe he chews on every now & then :) haha but we love him and wouldn't have such a great family member if not for Yvonne & her wonderful family! He is our sons best friend and follows me around everywhere!  Thank you so much! We recently celebrated Harley's 1st birthday & can't wait to celebrate many more!!




This picture is our christmas card (2012)

Harley & our son Daniel! Our boys! :)



Thanks again!
Jessica & Family

December 2012



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