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Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY


Puggle, Dabney

I just wanted to take a minute to express our love and joy for our new Puggle. Thank you Yvonne for working with me and helping me find the perfect puppy for our home. "Peaches" who is now "Dabney" has brought a new light into our household. She is the perfect combination between spunky and loving. She is already close to being house trained and loves taking walks on a lash. I have already recommend you to many of our friends who have fell in love with her too. Happy New Year to you and your family. I know you will be continued to be blessed in the new year and beyond because of the many little blessing that you bring to others.

Denae Mertens
Loomis, Ca.

January 2016


Puggle, Skeeter


Just wanted to let you know how Skeeter is doing(kept his original name, we thought it fit him).  He arrived in Bismarck, ND on June 12, 2015 at only 10 weeks old.  He has been the best puppy.  He still gives lots of kisses and learns fairly easily.  He is already potty trained and has learned many tricks already.  We love him dearly and are so grateful to have him.  He just had his first Christmas and loved meeting all of the new people and having new people to play with.  He is very playful and energetic.  We love having him as a part of our family.  

Thank you, 
Troy, Colleen, Tanner, Larissa, and Skeeter Stoddart

January 2016


Puggle, Paisley

Hi Mark and Yvonne!
Happy New Year! I just wanted to send a quick Thankyou to tell you how happy we are with our little puggle. One of the best decisions we ever made is getting this little girl from you. She is such a little snuggle puggle! Everywhere we go people just love all over her and she really is my 4 year old daughter's best friend. She is 14 weeks old now and is almost entirely potty trained which is amazing with this freezing cold winter we are having, she comes when you call her and knows how to sit. She has been sleeping through the night in her  crate since the 4th night!! We are just so in love with her and wanted you to know. Hope your holidays were wonderful and congrats on the new baby!

Don't be surprised if we get another puggle from you in the future! Take care,
Heather Reynolds Aurora, CO

January 2016


Puggle, Archie


Dear Mark and Yvonne,

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Archie (was Archy) and give
you an update on how he was doing.  He is so smart and has the
sweetest disposition.  He took to our two black labs immediately.  He
has been  great addition to our family.  We love him so much and are
very grateful for him.  Thanks for everything!

Teresa Paradise
Ben Lomond, CA

February 2016


Pugglebull, Millie

Here are some pix of our Millie. She is from your kennel.

Her birthdate is 9/1/11. She is a complete joy!


February 2016


Puggle, Hunter

Hi Yvonne!

I wanted to send you an update on Hunter. He is doing AWESOME!

He has the sweetest and most spunky personality 

 I attached some pictures so you can see him at almost 1 year old.

Thanks for blessing our family with him!

Hannah Johnson

March 2016


Puggle, Mabel

I wanted to send you a quick thank you and let you know we loooove our Puggle Mabel (originally Sassy). She is almost 4 months! From the moment they set eyes on each other, Desmond my six-year-old son, and his new friend Mabel, it's been nothing but joy!!! She  is a very smart girl who was easy to potty train! As you can tell by the pictures she loves snuggling with her boy. Thank you again for such a healthy and loving puggle!

Nancy and Desmond - San Diego CA


March 2016


Beabull Bull, Olive

Hello! We purchased a puppy from you a few years ago and she is our LOVE pride and Joy! We are very interested in another puppy from you. We  renamed her Olive, you  had named her Baby.  I have attached a recent picture. Is there any way you can let me know if you get a new litter?

Hillary White

March 2016


Beabull Bull, Jonny Ringo

Jonny Ringo is happy at his new home in Key West,Florida. 
He loves boating, fishing and swimming. 
We love him so much!
Thank you,
Robert and Bethany B.

March 2016


Puggle, Eevee

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

Just wanted to share how happy my son was with his bday surprise....Claire who is now known as EeVee is a wonderful addition to our family. We have had her just over a month and she had no problem moving right into our lifestyle. She has become my son's alarm clock, every morning I let her outside she comes back in and runs right upstairs to my sons bed and wakes him up. She enjoys doing the Indy 500 as I call it (laps around my kitchen and living room), loves soft squeak toys, and Pandas.

She has been a joy and pure entertainment for us, just what our family of 2 needed. She was super easy to train, lots of rewards and encouragement!  Cannot thank you enough for all you did for us to be able to give her a forever home. 

I have included some pics of her 1st days with us and how she has grown. Hope you enjoy! AND as an added bonus I have included pictures of her meeting her "sister"...Gracie who is now Henley (adopted from you in 12-14 by a friend of mine). Their play dates are priceless!!! They love each other and running around outside together. 
Amber and Clarence T.

April 2016


Minibull Bull, Diesel

Roman ( now referred as diesel ) mini bull bull .we picked him up December 12,2015 from the airport .

We instantly fell in love with him ! He is quite the Ham ! He has been a lap dog since day 1!

If he's not cuddling on laps he's bulldozing our cats or running the Indy 500 in the backyard . 

I think our favorite thing about him is his old man grunts when you move him . 

He honestly is the perfect dog .

What's not to love with old man grunts , stinky bulldog farts and sloppy wet kisses from that squishy face !

Can't thank mark & Yvonne enough for the easy transaction and for the wonderful healthy handsome pup !

Highly recommend ! Will definitely buy from again ! 

Tara , Randy & Trent P.

April 2016


Minibull Bull, Sir Humphrey

Hi. We just wanted to give you an update on Rowland, who is now known as Sir Humphrey. He has made himself right at home here in Upstate NY with our two giant breed dogs Vito and Luca and our flock of chickens. He loves spending time outside,  loves chewing his toys and sticks, and loves snuggling with our entire family. He was so easy to house train and is overall the perfect pup. We can't thank know you enough for making our daughter, Emilia's Christmas gift extra special. She had been asking for a bulldog puppy for over a year. Sir Humphrey has definitely taught her how to be a responsible pet owner. They have an incredible bond. We look forward to adding another puppy to our family from you in the future. 

The Petrone Family
Derrick, Terri, Emilia and Charlie

May 2016


Puggle, Isabella

Hello Yvonne,

Just wanted to give you an update on my Puggle puppy Isabella now that she is six months old. I also saw all of the cute puppies on your site. Looks like you are very busy. Isabella is getting big and gets along great with my older Puggle and my French bulldog. She is very sweet and they love her when she goes to visit my Mom at the nursing home. I've included a recent photo of her sound asleep after a long day of fun. Take care.

Denise Feeney

May 2016


Puggles, Mia & Sohpi

Hi guys !
Its been a while since I have wrote you I hope all is well with you & the family! I just wanted to share these two pics of my girls how much they have changed over just acouple years. 


Tiffany Goodness 

May 2016


Peagle, Chanel

Hello Yvonne
Just wanted to share with you some pictures from Chanel
She is doing great, full of joy and energy
We love her so much
She is lovely and I cannot thank you enough for her
Best regards

May 2016


Bane and Sadie, Beabull Bulls

Dear Riley's:
Just wanted to reach out as we check your site from time to time, tempted to add another a third sibling to the family.  Thought you might like to see some pics of how Bane and Sadie (formerly Shadow 12/10/12 and Shirley 3/12/15) have grown up into a fine young gentleman and lady.  She was very timid when I picked her up and wouldn't even come out of the cage.  Once she saw she had a big brother she was so happy and they have been attached to each other ever since.  Thank you again for blessing our lives with these 2 kids! Ken Kormanis

June 2016


Peagle, Senta

Hello, we received a peagle puppy from you 2 1/2 years ago her name was Jenna. We renamed her Senta. She is a joy, loves to snuggle and play fetch. She is stubborn, so it took some time to get her trained. 
She is the best size, for an inside dog, she weighs 16 lbs. She only barks if someone comes to the front door, and will "speak" when asked to.  Lori C.

June 2016


Puggle, Almond

Almond Puggle and Navaeh Pug are cooling off in the pool.

They love each other!

They are constantly playing and ruff housing around:)

and for Almond she is the biggest cuddle bug ever!

She LOVES kisses and cuddling!

She also loves to sit in my lap while I feed her out of my hand:)

Brittany H.

June 2016

July 2016


Minibull Bull, Slugo

Annette C. Tuzzolino

July 2016


Second Generation Puggle, Lexi

Hi Yvonne, just thought I'd send an update on Lexi (star). We came with our six children and picked her out in April.

She is doing very well and is dearly loved. She is so cuddly and sweet! The children spend a lot of time playing with her.

She knows when some of her people are gone, and she's so happy when everybody is home again.

She loves to play with her big doggy friend outside, and she gets along really well with the kittens.

We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!

Thanks so much!

The Klassens

September 2016


Puggle, Rocky

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Rocky.

We love him so much, and he is turning into a wonderful dog. Thank you.

Elizabeth Wood

September 2016


Puggle, Marley


Hi Mr. Riley,
It's been several years since I last sent an update about our precious Marley.  My husband and I found your website and our family addition back in November of 2006.  In fact, we are your first review on the website. 

Marley has been the best dog �� ever!  She is more than my best friend; she is the best big dog sister to our two girls.  She is happy, healthy, and very loved.  I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life.  Just wanted to say thanks, 10 years later, for our baby girl.  I am adding a few pics of her just in case you were interested in seeing her now.

The Hamolia Family

October 2016


Minibull, Luna (AKA) Khaleesi

We are so thankful for this dog. We did rename her when we got her. Her name is Khaleesi, and she is the sweetest dog ever. Loves to cuddle and smother her bigger sister with tons of love. She is a perfect fit in our family and I just wanted to thank you Mark and Yvonne. 

Shane Weekly

November 2016





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