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Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY


Puggle, Benji

My angel Benji. So sweet and has filled our house full of love!

Thanks .... you are great breeders. He arrived doing great!!

Carol G

January 2017



Minibull bull, Basil

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

We hope you had a great holiday season!

We wanted to give you an update on Gertrude who we renamed Basil.

She is such a great dog, such a cuddle bug.

My husband and I are super impressed with how smart she is and how fast she potty trained!

We couldn't be more in love with her! Vet said she is super healthy! Thank you again so much!

Take care,

Tasha and Mike

January 2017


Beaubull Bulls, Cam and Peyton

Best Buds

Chris Bralley

January 2017



Peagle, Mia

We thought we would send you a little update on our Princess Mia. It's been nearly 6 months since we got her, and she is truly our little baby! We call her our "happy dog" because she is always ready to play and her tail is always wagging. Her older brother Oscar is always looking out for her and they have a beautiful bond together!

Thank you for giving us Mia, we love her incredibly!

Cherine Chaucrallah

January 2017


Froston, Rigatoni

Rigatoni is a real crowdpleaser my neighbor wants to know if he has any brothers or sisters left that may be available.


January 2017


Pugglebull, Willie

Hello, My Husband and I purchased Willie a pugglebull from you almost 3 years ago and we love our Willie dog.

HE IS THE BEST BREED OF DOG ! He has always loved us, never been aggressive towards my son, he plays, he loves, he swims when we go to Bay(we live near Destin, FL) and he has been there for my son, who is 5.

My son Emmett calls Willie his brother! Attached are pictures of Willie and again he is amazing! We love him so much, he is family to us and we spoil and love on him everyday :)

Erica Hollon

January 2017


Puggle, Prissy 2nd Generation Puggle, Zippy

Just wanted to say thank you for our new puppies. They are doing great and a great addition to our family.

Thanks the Gagnon's 

February 2017


Puggle, CC

We purchased Charm from you back in 2008 she is now CC.  She has been our world since then.  She is the most loving, caring, fun, energetic, curious, and what snuggler.  2013 I found out I had Ovarian Cancer. After surgery I came home and she was the most gentle I have ever seen a dog.  She laid by me all the time.  When I had chemo treatments she would lay her head on my stomach and sleep there. It was amazing. She was a big part of my healing and staying postive.  She now supports all our fundraisers and me.. So I just want to thank you for brining a great puggle into this world for us...♥ ♥ 

Evelyn and Geno Krowsky
Milwaukee WI

February 2017



Froston, Dirk

I have attached some pictures for you of Dirk/Munchkin (we named him after Dallas Maverick’s super star basketball player Dirk Nowitzki) and our son Wyatt as well as some random ones we took over the weekend.  I think we have taken about 100 pictures already and totally feel like we have just had another baby!!  Feel free to use any of them on your site. Wyatt was so surprised and told me numerous times over the weekend 1. That he loves me SO MUCH… 2. That he loves‘Dirk’ SO MUCH… 3. That this is the BEST GIFT HE HAS EVER RECEIVED… and 4. That Friday was the best day of his whole life!  He’s 10, LOL!

I can’t thank you enough for everything, we absolutely LOVE him and are so happy to have him in our family!!  He is beautiful, playful, loving and cuddly and we could not have chosen a better companion for our son. 

 Thank you!!!


March 2017



Mini Bull, Lilly and Beabull Bull, Samson

Just wanted to send some pictures of our babies. Lilly is a mini bull and is 9 mths. Samson is a beabull, about 3 mths.
As you can see in the photos they are buddies!
 Very different personalities.... Lilly is more cautious and Samson is an anything goes kinda guy.
You guys were great to deal with and we can't thank you enough for our beautiful family;)
Darlene Smith

April 2017


Puggle, Koda

This is Koda(formerly known as Rascal) that I got from you December 5th, 2014! He has been such a sweet and good baby! I love him dearly! He is so loyal to his mommy!!!! Thank you so much for such an amazing little boy! My life would not be the same without him! I later got a little baby girl from you for my niece who has cancer. She loves her!!!!! They are healthy happy babies!!!! Thank you!!!! I would refer you to anyone!!!!!! 

Amber Rakes

July 2017



Puggle, Gizmo

Dearest Mark and Yvonne,

On September 7, 2007, my boyfriend (at the time) and I went to Reagan National Airport in Virginia to pick up the newest member of our family.  When we selected her from your site, her name was Jodi.  I knew it was fate because it is also my mom's name, and she spells it the same way.  When we brought her home, we renamed her Gizmo, after the main character in the movie Gremlins.  Later that month, I composed a testimonial about how wonderful our new little puggle was.  In fact, as I look back on your website, I noticed that our comments were the first ones you ever posted under the customer feedback section! I can hardly believe it's been 10 years since Gizmo came into my life; and amazingly, everything I wrote in that testimonial back then--when she was a mere 3 months old--still holds true today. I'm sure its hard to keep track of all the dogs you have bred over the years. Getting those first 8-10 weeks with them must be incredibly special, but I also imagine it's difficult to remember each one's temperament and personality from that short period of time.  And so, as I sit here reflecting on the past decade Gizmo and I spent together, I felt a strong urge to share with you a little of what she's like today:Gizmo is insanely smart. She was a breeze to train as a puppy, but has also continued to pick up new tricks over the years. She knows which of her quirky behaviors amuse me, and is always doing her best to make me laugh. She truly has a sense of humor.  She is incredibly social, both with dogs and with humans. When we are walking in my neighborhood, she often tries to jump (uninvited) in the laps of strangers sitting on benches.  People constantly stop me on the street to compliment me how adorable she is.  When they ask me how old she is, I answer "10."  They respond, "10 months?"  People still think she's a puppy and barely believe me when I tell them she's 10 years old!! I am convinced that it's not only because she looks so phenomenal, but also because she has such a fun and youthful energy!  She is the token of health and has not had any major medical issues since I've had her.  She is wonderful with children and always exceptionally patient.  I have a 7-year-old nephew and a 3-year-old niece who grew up tugging on her ears and tail--albeit rather rough at times.  She only ever responded to the torment in the form of affectionate licking.  She is very protective over me and never lets me out of her sight.  She makes sure that she always has an eye on me no matter what room of the apartment she's in.  And finally, she is the MOST LOVING creature I have ever met! She loves to sit in my lap when I'm in a chair, she leans up against me when I'm on the couch, and burrows up next to me under the sheets at bedtime. She is very pro never lets me out of her sight and makes sure that she always has an eye on me no matter what room of the apartment she's in.  The last decade hasn't been easy for me in many ways. I have gone through some major breakups, had multiple orthopedic surgeries, and experienced the loss of several close friends and family members.  Through all those difficult times, Gizmo has been by my side as a constant source of joy and a primary pillar of support.  I truly will never be able to thank you enough for giving me the greatest gift I have ever received.  I probably have tens of thousands of pictures of Gizmo from over the years so it was really hard to narrow down, but I have a attached a collage of some of my favorites.  I hope you have enjoyed getting to know grownup Gizmo virtually and if you have read this far into the e-mail, thank you for allowing me to share in my story and sentiments on this very special day!

With the utmost appreciation,Gabriella Sprecher

September 2017




Puggle, Lucy

Hello Mark and Yvonne!
Ten years ago on October 25th my beautiful and wonderful puppy was born. She was named Candy Cane when she graced your website. But as soon as I took her out of her crate when she landed at Boston, I named her Lucy. A Christmas gift I never asked for, turned into the best thing that ever happened to me. Through all the inevitable changes in life these last ten years, she has been the one and only constant. She’s been up and down the east coast with me during these years, from mountain tops to sandy beaches and country farms to big city sidewalks, and  she’s left an indelible impact on everything and everyone she meets. I tell everyone that all she wants is to love and be loved. And trust me, everyone who meets her just loves her. I thought sending you this email would be a great way to celebrate her upcoming birthday and let you know how happy, healthy, and loved she is.
I’ve attached a then and now pic to let you see the little lady now.

Thank you,


October 2017


Puggles, Ava and Ana

Hello Riley family,
 My family and I originally adopted Ana after our rescue dog passed away from 15 years battling diabetes. It broke our hearts, and we were devastated. We were unsure if we wanted to adopt a rescue dog,however, when we did look into it, there were none available at the time. So we decided to go with rockinrpuppies because we had good recommendations on a small loving dog such as Puggles At the same time, my husband was dealing with a debilitating physical disability which left him unable to work. Ava brought us so much joy, and she gave my husband a reason to get up every day in the morning, looking forward to the love and affection she gave us. We loved her so much, that we wanted her to have a playmate, and a year later we adopted Ana from the same place, rockinrpuppies. The two of them have become the best of friends, a year apart, and have become the pride and joy of our family. They bring us daily blessings which we can’t put into words. Therefore, we have now decided to adopt our third and final Puggle from the Riley family, Ami. We do appreciate all that they’ve done to bless our family and give us the joy that we look forward to, daily. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the Musca family from Amherst, New York.

Audrey M. Musca

December 2017


Minibull bull, Chubby

Thank you so much for Chubby aka bandit ... he is the best dog we could of ever hoped for .. his demeanor is awesome .. he just loves to cuddles and spend time with his mom and dad..

If anyone is thinking about getting a puppy from RockinRPuppies , it is definitely worth the investment .. Yvonne was very direct and sincere and extremely professional ..
we could not be happier.. he makes our family complete!

David Nicosia

December 2017


Froston, Dexter

I thought since today is Dexter's 1st birthday it would be an awesome day to give you an update. He's doing awesome and he has completed our family. He has quite the personality. He did not enjoy the snow when we first brought him home but he seems to love it now. He is also a cuddle bug! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have Dexter in our family! We love him so much!

Jaime Cloutier

December 2017


Puggles, Clover and Augie

Just a note to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year!

Clover (aka Chloe) and Augie (aka Rizzo) are doing very well and are such wonderful additions to my little family.

Thanks again!


December 2017




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