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These are Letters and e-mail we have recieved. Good, bad, or indifferent nothing has been changed. We will be happy to post your response. This Page contains letters recieved in 2007.

Thank You

Mark and Yvonne

2007 Customer Feedback


A happy puppy is a happy family


We picked up our bundle of joy on November 28, 2006 at the airport and things could not have gone any smoother. Our puppy was hand-delivered to us by an amazing airport staff member and she was very comfortable in her crate. From the moment she jumped in our arms in the airport lobby she has been the most lovable and smart dog we have ever had. She was potty trained in one month with ease and loves other people and animals. She gets along wonderfully with our friends' dogs who are five times her size and is always eager to give hugs and kisses to anyone. Mr. Riley was amazing when communicating with us and answered all of our questions and concerns. He even followed up that evening after she had arrived at our house just to make sure everything went perfectly. My husband and I cannot thank Rockin_R puppies enough for our newest addition to the family. We can't imagine life without her and can't imagine ever getting another dog from a breeder other than Mr. Riley.

Brittany & Mike

My experience with Rockin R Puppies was incredible. Until recently, I had never even considered purchasing a pet using the Internet. I was actually browsing puppies for sale and trying to talk myself out of it. When I saw the picture of this tiny, chocolate, beagle puppy on line at their site, I just fell in love with her. After talking to Mark Riley on the phone that same day, I was sure I wanted her. I could tell we had the same values and integrity concerning the rasing and care of dogs. How do you know you are going to get what you pay for? Although there is always a small risk when making any purchase, I felt comfortable and informed the whole time. Not only was it easy to pay for our new puppy, but she was sent on an airplane from Missouri all the way to Calif without a hitch, in great shape and on time. When she arrived she was everything I was promised and more. She is smart, sweet and the cutest puppy we have ever seen. Not that we are bias or anything. Everyone who meets her wants to know where we got her and thinks she is the "cutest thing".

I can tell by the condition we received our new puppy in and by numerous conversations with Mark Riley, how much and how well they care for their dogs. Although I don't like to think of our sweet little "Penny" as a product or the adoption as a transaction, from a business aspect, that's exactly what they are. On that note, Rockin R Puppies has more than fair prices for an extremely superior product along with superior customer service. And their puppies are absolutely adorable. We marvel on a daily basis as to what a terrific little puppy our Penny is, how much we love her and according to my children she is the "BEST DOG EVER!" This was, by far, the easiest adoption of a pet I have ever experienced. We have been so pleased with the experience that we are considering adopting another puppy in the future.

Thank You Mark and Yvonne, for the best Christmas present I have received in many years.


Debbie & Family


Love our Puggle!
Our puppy arrived on 12/23/06 just in time to give to our children for Christmas. Thanks to Mark (breeder) and his effort we got our puppy on time for Christmas, he had to rearrange the ship date to make us happy. “Taffy” (our puppy) is beautiful, smart, playful and healthy and is loved by all of us. Mark is a sweet heart…I must have asked him 40 question over the week until it was time to pick our puppy from the airport. He answered all emails and phoned calls promptly without any hesitation. He called us soon after picking up our puppy from the airport to see how the puppy was doing. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a healthy and beautiful puppy. Mark has been very helpful with answering question even after receiving our puppy. We would definitely use Mark again if were to adopt another puppy. Thanks again Mark for the wonder addition to our family. Our kids are so happy with our new puppy.
Sonia Santa Clarita CA.

Mark and Yvonne couldn’t have made our experience more pleasant. Bentley became a part of our family on January 30, 2006 as a thoughtful Christmas gift from my fiancé. Mark and Yvonne worked to ensure that this special Christmas baby came healthy, happy, and adorable; complete with a red ribbon for a collar! It was obvious from our interactions that Mark and Yvonne sincerely care for the puppies they raise and for finding them the perfect homes. Bentley has really been having fun getting to know his big sister- Lulu too. Thank you again for such a great family member and experience. Sincerely, Derek and Heather McCarty

We picked up Tyson on the 15th of March. We were so excited to see him. He was much smaller then the picture dipics. He was so sweet and tired he rested on me all the way home. He picked up on the crate training fairly well and meshed with his new sister Molly very well! He has been a joy in the last 2.5 weeks he has been with us. Our daughter is delighted to have her two puppies with her all the time! We just love Tys so much. Or as Ashleigh (our 2 yr old) calls him "Tysie".

Mark and his family has been so wonderful this whole process and even beyond. Even now he answers many of our question with a smile! He is a great breeder and truly cares about where his dogs go and with who. He is fantastic and this process has been so easy with him! We truly recommend purchasing with him and his family! Thanks Rockin! Love, Stephen, Stacia, and Ashleigh Dale!

My daughter and I were talking on the phone to each other and "window" shopping online for a puppy one day, and followed the link to Rockin-R-Puppies. We both at the same time picked the same puppy that we were going to buy! ha We had never even heard of such a service, and definitely had never used such a service. We showed my husband and son the picture of the puppy and they too thought she was "THE ONE!" That very evening we called the Riley's, didn't get them right away... but Mark called us back shortly. All I can say is that everything just fell into place!!!!!!!!!! The Riley's had originally named her "Cream Puff".... but we renamed her "DOLLIE".... because she is an "absolute doll".
We got her on January 25, 2007. From the first time we saw her photo on the website--- right down to when we picked her up at the airport (in Jacksonville, Florida), everything went perfect! Not one glitch!!! Mark & Yvonne Riley, THANK YOU! THANK! THANK YOU! We have told everyone what a wonderful experience the whole process was. Dollie is awesome! I am so glad we found your website that day. Thank you again from the bottom of our heart!!!!!!!!!!
Judy Murdaugh & family :o)



Doing business with Mark was an absolute joy. He showed us nothing but
kindness and willingness to help. It was my first time purchasing a
puppy online and the process could not have been any more smooth! Making
payments and scheduling shipping was entirely effortless. He arrived
on time with all of his papers, food, and water. I even got a phone
call that night from Mark checking up on the puppy and making sure he got
in all right. I defintely recommend this kennel and hope that if you're
in the market for a puppy you decide to work with the people at
Rockinrpuppies! As soon as we picked our puggle up from the airport and got
him back to our home we opened the crate door and he came hoppin out like
a little ball of excitement. He pounced on the both of us - lickin us
down from head to toe wanting kisses and belly rubs. It was obvious
that he came from a loving home. I defintely recommend this kennel and
hope that if you're in the market for a puppy you decide to work with the
people at Rockinrpuppies!
Thanks so much Mark!
Flinn Pomeroy


I was skeptical of ordering a puppy online but after searching through the classifieds up here in the northwest it seemed that designer puppies are in high demand. We were able to find EXACTLY what we were looking for in our puppy Rook who is the most adorable Boggle we have ever seen. The process was completely seamless from asking Mark questions to picking Rook up at the airport. Even the vet told us that she was skeptical about ordering puppies online but when she saw Rook she was surprised at how healthy and beautiful he was. Rook is our perfect little pet and so far is everything we had hoped for. Rockin R Puppies has a great quality standard and we would highly recommend them to anyone, thanks for everything Mark and Yvonne!

Glenn and Bobbie
Seattle, WA
I just wanted to write you a let you know how pleased we are with the puppy that we got from you guys. She has turned out to be just wonderful. I attached a couple of pictures so you can see how she has grown. We renamed her Paris. She is absolutely wonderful with both of our girls. She defiantly prefers to hang out with them over me and my husband. Even my mother-in-law can't believe how well she does with them. She is definitely one of the kids!!! She was completely house broke in a week and kennel trained. She's a very smart pup!!! Hope all is well. If anyone I know is looking for one of these guys to add to their family I will recommend you guys all the way!!!!

The Hill Family

Couldn't be better!
Like so many of you I had reservations about purchasing a puppy online but being that I couldn't find a Puggle in my area I gave it a try. RocknRPuppies kept coming up in my research (of which I did A LOT)! The end result? A wonderful experience! Some really nice and helpful people and a fiesty, adorable, healthy little girl is now a member of our home. It's only been a few days but even though she seems to think cords are her new play thing! (yikes! Puppy classes start tomorrow)! she has only gone potty in the house once! That was my own fault as I thought she was sleeping and left her alone for a few minutes. What's a puppy to do when she has to go and nobody around to take her? OBVIOUSLY well cared for and socialized dog. She has her fist vet appointment soon so I must quit writing every good thing I can think of to say. Summing it up. Don't hesitate to purchase from this breeder! You really do Rock! THANKS!
August 6, 2007


Very Satisfied!
I too had my reservations about purchasing a puppy online, but much like you're probably doing right now, I did my research. This was not the first breeder I fact, they were more like the 8th! BUT, Mark Riley at Rockin R Puppies, was far and away the most helpful and accomodating to my MANY questions and requests, such as taking new photos of specific puppies and asking his opinions on the pups personalities to help me make a decision and ease my concerns. He even called me after I had picked up my pup from the airport (I was too busy playing with her, I must've forgotten!) I've since had her checked out twice by my vet and she's in pefect health and as playful as can be. If you're interested in one of their puppies, I highly recommend you contact them.
September 12, 2007

We had been talking about getting a puppy for about a year and been in contact with more breeders than we could count. We happened to cross RockinRpuppies this summer and were most impressed by their beautiful selection of puggles. Whatever trepidations we had about adopting a puppy online were immediately alleviated after several conversations with Mark & Yvonne. They made us feel comfortable with our purchase and worked with us to make her arrival as easy and smooth as possible. The puppy that we received from RockinRPuppies (that we renamed Gizmo) is absolutely extraordinary. Gizmo has only been with us for three weeks and already we cannot imagine life without her. She is not only healthy, beautiful, and affectionate, but is as sharp and intelligent as can be. She was housebroken & crate-trained in only one week and picks up on tricks almost immediately. The Rileys clearly breed fabulous dogs I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend RockinRPuppies to anyone looking to adopt a puppy. Gizmo has become the greatest joy in our lives and we are truly thankful to have found such a wonderful family to adopt from.

Gabriella and Miles

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