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2018 Customer Feedback

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2019 Customer Feedback

All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies. We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.



Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY


Beabull bull, Mollie

In 2010 my parents surprised us with a Beabull puppy from you who we named Mollie. This was our first family dog and she changed our lives for ever. To this day she is the best at giving cuddles. She loves to be outside and be the center of attention. Mollie is very bright and knows how to trick us into getting what she wants. She belongs in our family and definitely completes it. We can't thank you enough for this puppy we received because she has been our biggest supporter over the years. I attached photos so that you can see Mollie then and now.

This puppy came into our life when I was ending high school and starting college. Now that I am moved out I miss having mollie around all the time. For the past year and a half my boyfriend Ben and I have been checking your website to see if there were any available beabull bulls. I was very excited to see that you in fact did. Bruno reminds me so much of Mollie and I would love more information about him if he is still available.

Feel free to post pictures and feedback on your website to share I love reading through others responses.

Let me know if there is any other information you can give me because Ben and I are very interested and would love to get a chance at taking him home.

Thank you,

Megan Malone

January 2018


Minibull bull, Puggle, Scribbles and Sockmonkey

Hi Mark & Yvonne!
I always try to remember to send an annual update with my two love-bugs from you. (I have a shepherd too & she’s like a mom to both of them.) Scribbles & SockMonkey are doing great and are spoiled rotten... as all doggies & kitties should be.
Thanks so much again for both of them!
Donna Trovato

January 2018


Minibull bull

We got our baby from you a little over a year ago! He is such a love & has become my biggest baby! Thought you might enjoy some photos :

Ashley Sears

January 2018


Puggle, Shiloh

Hello Yvonne,

 We purchased Clarissa from you on March 22, 2013. If you recall you shipped her to us on a plane; we picked her up in Syracuse. We named her Shiloh.

 Shiloh has been a great dog. She can catch a Frisbee in midair. She gets along very well with our other dog.

 Forwarding Shlioh’s puppy picture from your collection and a photo of her after she grew up.

You have our permission to post the attached photos and our testimonial on your web site.

 Mike and Cindy Hagenmayer

 Oswego, New York

January 2018



Puggle, Snowflake

Yvonne just wanted to says thank you for the wonderful experience we have had with snowflake. She is an awesome dog.  She loves every one in our family and circle of friends. Jacquie (7 yr old daughter) has a new best friend they are certainly joined at the hip best Christmas present ever.  She loves to ride in the tractor and plow snow which we have done a lot of this year so far.  Best part of the whole experience with this very smart girl she is fully potty train in just a few short weeks.

Thank you,

The Gansz family

January 2018


Puggle, Axl

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

I hope you had a lovely holiday season. I wanted to thank you guys for the best addition to my life : Axl (Ace). He is the happiest puppy and it has been so fun watching him grow . He is extremely social and loves to play at the dog park. He loves everyone, people and dogs, he likes hiking when I go home to Tahoe and he is a crowd favorite at the local bars in Manhattan Beach. He is very smart and was easily potty trained. I attached some pictures of him so you can see how he’s been doing for the passed 9 months. Thank you guys again.


Marlo and Axl

January 2018


Puggle, Bentley

I just wanted to give you an update on a pup you sold to my brother (I stole her from him not kidding either) her name was Sally when we got her we renamed her Bentley and she's an absolute brat!!! HAHAHA but my husband and I LOVE her to death she is so smart and loving I am so glad we have her.  Attached is a picture of her with her fur brother Bandit a rescue my husband found on the streets years ago.  Again thank you she is a doll and she's been amazingly healthy.

Have a Great Day!!!

Dawn Motola

January 2018


Puggle, Bonnie

I just want to say THANK you! Bonnie, formally known as Sweetheart has settled right in. I was a bit nervous to give someone my credit card number over the phone, and even more terrified to receive a dog at the airport. I didn’t know what to expect. You made the process SO easy, and you were a pleasure to work with. Bonnie only took a few hours to warm up to us, and surprisingly loves the snow. She has potty trained over night, and loves playing with our girls. I’d recommend you to anyone! Thank you again.
Georgetown Lake, Montana

February 2018



Puggle, Jemma

Jemma is sooo loved! And, she’s now a puppy school graduate!
Bonnie Weinberg

June 2018


Puggle, Howie and Beabull bull, Chunk

We wanted to give you an update on our puggle Howie and beabull bull Chunk (formerly Bruno). Howie is about 9 months old and Chunk is about 6 months now and they are such good buddies. They play all day long and cuddle in the evenings. Howie is especially sensitive and sweet natured. Chunk is a bull in a china shop and has the coolest, chilled attitude and absolutely loves to cuddle. They balance each other out nicely. Howie is our hiker and Chunk is our napper. Howie is coming to terms with the fact that his little brother Chunk is now taller and larger than him. Thank you for our beautiful puppies...they sure have helped mend our hearts after we lost our puggle Toby. Our hearts are full ❤️

Sharon Gillis

June 2018


Minibull bull, Loki

Just wanted to send an updated pic of Loki. You named him Rex. He is still spoiled. And so funny.

Thanks so much! 

Martine Moore 

June 2018



Puggle, Jake


Just wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update on "Denny" We've named him Jake. 

We got Jake from you around Christmas time, after being scammed and heartbroken by a less than reputable "breeder" 

Now that Jake is part of our family....I believe it all happened for a reason. We couldn't imagine another dog for us! 

He is the sweetest thing, always wants to snuggle. And he's always been so calm and well mannered for a puppy. He is great with our kids and immediately became friends with our 3 cats as well. He loves to go to the dog park and is always friendly to the other dogs. We recently took him to the beach for the first time, and he had a BLAST and loves the water and charging the waves. He just has so much personality and is the most loving dog. Thank you so much for coming through for us back then and saving Christmas, and for completing our family. We look forward to many happy years with our boy Jake.

Daisha Rainey

July 2018



I purchased a puggle bull from you two years ago and he’s the best ever. I want to get another one for him so he can have a friend. Will you have any litters coming up?

Samantha Parker

September 2018


Minibull, Cash

Hi! My fiancé and i wanted to send you some pictures of Cash, he’s 1/2 English bulldog 1/2 Boston terrier. He turned 9 in July and we got him from you guys. Thank you so much he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to our life. He’s the snuggliest, sweetest, silly dog. We have an incredible connection with him. He’s also extremely healthy besides some arthritis that’s beginning but that comes with age.

Jessica Schug

September 2018


Froston, Rigatoni

We just had Rigatoni’s 2nd Birthday Party 35 4 legged friends who have all fell in love with him over the past 2 years and 15 of his 4 legged friends who all feel the same.

We can not thank you and Yvonne enough you not only provided us with a beautiful new member to the Family but I feel like the two of you have also have become members of our family and a more glowing complement I can not think of.

Please post this email as a recommendation to any one who is looking for a pooch knows to speak with you & Yvonne before they do anything

Thank You 100 times over,

Rick Ricciardi 

October 2018


Pugglebull, Brutus

Hello all.
Brutus is doing great. We all just wanted to thank you for everything and provide an update.
The Bertrand family.

November 2018


Minibull bull, Gus

We picked up our mini bull bull from you last year about this time.  You called him "Curly" and we named him Gus.  He is the friendliest, funniest, and most affectionate dog I have ever met.  He fits right into our family. 

We worried a bit about buying a puppy from so far away, but our experience with Rockin R Puppies was awesome and when we add to our canine family in the future, we hope to again find a puppy from you.  

I have attached some recent picture of Gus.  He is just the perfect size and has all the best features of an English Bulldog.  We totally adore him.

The Weirs (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

December 2018


Froston, Remmy

 I wanted to thank you guys for making my family so happy with my frenchton! We adore him so much and we just not to long ago passed our 2 year anniversary since we got him !

You guys are amazing and hope soon to purchase another dog in the near future ! He is now a big brother and is the happiest !!!  We named him Remmy !

Lilibel Garcia

December 2018


Froston, Eloise

Hi Riley’s,

It’s been just over a week since we picked Eloise (previously known as Cupcake) from DFW airport and she became a Texan.  I thought I would send you an update. Eloise passed her vet exam with flying colors.

She loves to cuddle and despite my best intentions sleeps in between my husband and I at night. In the morning she always snuggles her face in my neck for awhile longer (doesn’t seem to be a morning dog) and makes little piggy snorting sounds that are adorable.

She is super fast and her size gives her the advantage when we try to catch her to take out to potty so we are still working on potty training.

Everybody that sees her just melts and she is very calm even around a lot of people (think Apple Store right after Christmas).

It was a rough start introducing her to our rescue pit mix (only have had her for 2 months) but they now play bite and cuddle sleep like old friends. Artemis is pretty patient with her for a 1 year old dog.

I am including some photos that you can use on your website if you like. She makes us laugh everyday and we just absolutely adore her. t is easy to tell you guys took good care of her.

She is very comfortable being touched and held, loves to play, and is a happy healthy puppy .

Thank you

The Shriver’s

December 2018


Puggle, Spanky

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

Wanted to give you an update on our sweet little guy, Spanky (originally Jace.) He was born October 20,2016 and we got him December 2016 from you and we can’t imagine life without him now.

I cried when I picked him up from the airport, I’ve wanted a dog since I was a little girl and he is all I imagined and more. He has blessed our entire family with his playfulness, funny personality, and huge heart. I’ve never met a more loving (and emotional) dog! haha.

We cannot thank you enough for giving us this important member of our family. He’s a true California dog and enjoys running on the beach and even filmed an ad! He’s the neighborhood dog to so many and the kids at the nearby school all know his name.

My husband and I had our first baby this summer and Spanky has been the best big brother to him. I attached some cute pictures of Spanky in this email for you to see :)

Can’t express how much he means to our family and thank you so much!!

Happy holidays,

Brooke, Troy, and “Spanky” Harrington 

December 2018




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