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2015 Customer Feedback

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All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies.

We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.


Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne


Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY


Puggle Chaco

He had a beagle parent and pug parent.

We got him from you six year ago and

he is the nicest dog ever. He loves kids loves playing

and loves food haha we are currently on a diet with him

but he is awesome and I really would like to getting

another one from you guys so he will have a friend

to play with. His name is now Chaco and

he is the best dog I've ever had !!

Justin B.

January 2015


Puggle, Steele

I'm not sure if you get enough of these emails

but I just wanted you to know that we

purchased Dancer from you, who is now

Steele and we love him so much. He will be

7 months this month and is such a sweet,

mellow little guy. We will be back soon for

another pup but wanted to thank you for the

professional and easy transaction. Here is

what he looks like now :)

My little nieces bought him a tie for Christmas lol.

Nicole Bass

January 2015


Puggles, Mia and Sophi


This is Tiffany. My mother and i just wanted to give you an update on Mia & Sophi.

Its hard to belive that mia is already two years old. I love her so much she is such

a good girl loves running and playing outside. Sophi just had her first birthday

a few days ago she is such a little baby loves playing with her toys and chasing

her sister around. We finally moved and now have a small fenced yard so they

are free to run and play i love it there so happy. Thank you again for two amazing girls.

Hope you have a wonderful 2015.

Also please add the girls update to your page if you want :)

January 2015


Minibull Bull, Poncho

  Sending along a puppy picture of Poncho - we got him from you in early June. 

Great dog - will forward some ones when he is bigger.

You need more mini bull bull pix on your website!!

January 2015


Puggle, Koda

Hey! We got a puppy from you named rascal.

He is now Koda. He is so cute! I have never seen a face so adorable!

We have now had him for a couple of months.

I absolutely adore him. He is my fur baby! Thank you so much!

Amber Taylor

January 2015


Beabull Bull, Dixie

 Hi Yvonne!

  I just wanted to send you an update on Dixie (Happy).  She's doing great!

  One of the best decisions I've made was purchasing this little girl from you last September. 

Not only is she happy and as healthy as can be, but she's the most loving puppy. 

She LOVES to snuggle!  It's awesome!  Everyone that meets Dixie immediately falls in love with her. 

As a matter of fact, one of my friends will more than likely be contacting you sometime

this year to purchase a Beabull for her family.  On that husband and I are

considering getting a male Beabull, at some point.  We would prefer having the same

mother and father as Dixie.  It would be great if you could keep me updated.  I'm not sure

when we'll be ready to get another one.

Thank you again for taking the time answering all of my questions last September. 

Please feel free to use me as a reference.  We couldn't be happier with our newest family member.

Take a look at how she's grown!

Jennifer Lee

February 2015


Puggle, Gracie

Hi! I thought I would share some cute photos with you of “Gracie”

that I adopted from you Dec 5th. Her new name is Henley and

she is the cutest little girl! I hope you enjoy seeing her grow!

Thanks Again,   Danielle

February 2015


Pugglebull, Butkus and Puggle, Baxter


Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our boys!!

We got Waggles, a puggle and Bodie, a pugglebull now Baxter and Butkus,

back in 2009 and they are just the best dogs ever! We could not imagine

our life without them. We are so lucky to have found your site and that

we got our family from you! Here are some pictures of our adult babies.

Hope you enjoyed seeing them all grown up!



Thanks again!
Kellie, Joe, Baxter, & Butkus ��






March 2015


Minibull Bull, TooPhat

Hi. It's Rob from the Bronx NYC.

  I bought TooPhat from you guys and

she arrived the day before Thanksgiving 2014.

It took about and hour before all the staff at the

airport got done taking photos of her . She is a

great addition to my family happy healthy loving and

last but not least FAT LoL.

As she grows I will send more details and pic's of her.

Thanks Rob from NY.

She is now 6 months. born 9/30/2014




March 2015

Minibull bull, TooPhat

Hi Riley family just wanted to send updated pics of TooPhat.  She's about to turn one.

She was born 9/30/2014. She's Capone's littermate sister. (To Robyn V family he's looking great)

toophat an I just got a part as and extra in a tv show. We're playing her favorite game fetch. 

No words but it's a start. Anyway thanks guys. Rob from NY. 

August 2015


Beagle, Mable

We would like to give you guys an update on

our female beagle puppy, Mable,

that we bought from you guys this past summer. 

We really enjoy her. 

She turned one a few weeks ago and seems full grown. 

She has had no health problems. 

She graduated in training and got

a degree from PetSmart. 

She seems like a family member already.

  Here are a few pictures of her.  Thank you so much!


The Chavez family


April 2015


Puggle, Daisy

Hi, I just wanted to send a new picture of Daisy, she just turned 2 in Feb.

She is our baby and is truly loved! Happy Easter!

From, Frank and Keri (New York)

April 2015


Puggle, Lola


Hi Yvonne wanted to update you on our little pup.

We renamed Penny, kids choose "Lola" as her name.

She got a perfect bill of health from the vet.

He said she was the most perfect puggle he has seen!

She is so fun and loving, meshed in with our family immediately!

She is a little fiesty and biting alot but we are working on it!

Just wanted to give you an update, you should be proud

of your beautiful puggle.

The French Family




June 2015


Minibull Bull, Capone

We love him so much. I can't imagine our lives without him


We had the pleasure of working with you last December when we adopted our adorable Capone. 

Words cannot express how much joy he has brought to our family.

He is more than we ever could have imagined and are planning on adopting again someday from you.

  Please share our story on your website. 

You guys definitely Rock !!!! 

Robyn V. & Family

August 2015


Puggle, Chloe

Hello Mark & Yvonne,

I'm writing with an update on our puggle Chloe.

We adopted her in Feb. 2012.

I'm also going to attach recent, pictures.

We last sent  pictures in 2014.

She's doing great and is as friendly, healthy and adorable as ever.

  Chloe has the best personalty. She's such a snuggle puggle.

Everyone loves her!       


Please feel free to post text and pictures in your 2015 customer feedback page.

the Baron family.

Our girls take turns having Chloe sleep with them at night.

Chloe was really sleepy on this night, went to bed before Sophia. So sweet!

August 2015


Puggle, Mila


I wanted to give an update on Amelia the Puggle, whose name is now Mila

. She just recently turned 3 years old on July 19th, and she means the world to us!

She definitely rules our household even after we rescued a black lab who's

twice her size. She's actually a very vocal dog with a bit of an attitude at times,

particularly when she has to wake up and get out of bed in the mornings,

which we find to be the cutest thing. :)

I just wanted to share how happy we are to have found her and how much

we appreciate you all for giving us one of the best gifts we could ask for.

Cale & Lexi



September 2015


Froston, Diego

Hello I wanted to share with u that we created a little star :)

Diego in his first stage play!!

Leticia B.

September 2015


Pugglebull, Elijah

Hello Yvonne and Mark,
Just wanted to send you this awesome picture

I took of our beautiful baby boy; thought it may

be a good one for your website?

He's soooo gorgeous and spoiled rotten!

We love him so much and he has such a great temperament.
Thank you again!
Michele H.

October 2016


Minibull Bull , Dino

I wanted to share an update on puppy Dino (formerly known as Wrinkles).

He is doing great and has grown so much over the past two months!

He is the sweetest boy and I'm so glad I found him!

Will send more pictures when he is bigger!  

No one can resist his charm and we make friends everywhere we go :) 


October 2015


Minibull bull and puggle,

Hello Yvonne, 
Ocassionally I like to send a picture so you can see how my babies are doing. Sergeant, Scribbles, and Sockmonkey are all buddies, doing well, and can't wait until Christmas to get some new toys! (Scribbles and Sockmonkey are from you guys.)

 I had to send this one too. It cracked me up because these two are always together and they even settled onto one of the dog beds to chew on a bone together! 


Happy Holidays!
Donna Trovato 

November 2015


Puggle, Frankie (aka Callie)

Hi Yvonne and Mark,

I just wanted to contact you since I know customer feedback is important for your site. We got Callie (now Frankie) about 3 weeks ago and I literally could not be happier. She is affectionate and playful, sweet, adorable... She is everything I could have hoped for. I had such a pleasant experience interacting with you and now that we have Frankie in our family, we couldn't be more delighted! Thank you so much for sending us this healthy, lovely, adorable girl!! I attached a few pictures of her as well. I seriously can't wait to get another puppy from you all in the future. 

All the best,
Kerriann and Dane

November 2015


Puggle, Preslee

Hello Mark & Yvonne

Just wanted to say Thank You So Much for our baby girl! 

Preslee (Tiki) has brought so much joy to our lives and just

wanted to share a picture of her 1st Birthday which was December 8th!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Danielle & Derek

December 2015


Beabull Bull, Gemma


Hi Mark and Yvonne,

We are coming up one a year of having Gemma! (Previously Sally)

We just wanted to tell you how much we absolutely adore her.

She is such a sweet, loving, and goofy dog!!!

We wanted to send you some pictures of her then and now,

so people can see what adult beabull bulls look like when mostly white. 

Everyone asks what she is and where we got her-- people just love her!

Thanks for breeding such awesome pups! :)

Gina and Pat

December 2015


Puggle, Kilo


I haven't sent you a picture of Kilo, or Dominic, born March 2, 2015. We cannot express enough how much we love the little guy...despite his stubbornness and ability to chew apart all toys.  He is such a fun, energetic, loving pup and has a great personality. He now weighs in around 27lbs and where ever we take him, everyone wants to keep him. So here are a few pictures and you can put them on the website if you want to. I must say, he loves to ride regardless of the form of transportation.

Trina Crockett

December 2015


Thanks to all our customers.



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