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2013 Customer Feedback

All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies. We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.



Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY



This was a fun halloween photo shoot we did.

We love him so much.

He is so well behaved.

His 5th birthday is coming up on 2/10.









January 2013


Puggle, Bailey


I purchased my puggle, Bailey, from you in 2007.

She is the BEST dog and has been such a blessing to our family. I wanted you all to know that I would recommend your business to ANYONE looking to purchase a Puggle (or any other breed you sell).

She's been such a healthy/happy dog and I couldn't be more happy with my choice to use you as a breeder.



Thank you!



January 2013


Froston, Lola

Hello Yvonne and Rockin R Puppies Family,

We wanted to share with you, a few pictures of Lola "Blossom" Noble's first year with us. It was one year ago that we picked her up.

We absolutely love her and she has the sweetest disposition, mixed with a bit of mischief that keeps us laughing again and again.

Lola had a fellow Froston brother waiting for her, Franklin, who is 3, and they truly have a brother/sister relationship- tugging on toys, napping together, curling in our laps while watching TV and going on walks with us.

They are terrific with our nieces, nephews and family. Lola in particular is so gentle with the children. As you may recall, we lived in Northeast Ohio and work has transferred us to Atlanta, GA. Lola and Franklin have been doing very well during the transition and sure make great company in our new city.

Here are a few pictures though the year. Thank you for our Lola! 

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Carolyn and Paul

January 2013


Beabull Bull, Bellah

Hello!!! Here is a pic of our little baby Bellah. Her name was Rosalie when you has her.

She is the absolute best dog we could ever imagine and love her so much!! She is so spoiled and a very happy girl!!!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!!






Sarah and Casey

January 2013


Puggle, Kona


I don't remember if I ever sent you guys an update on "Racer" who is now named Kona. He is the love of our lives and so cute and funny! We just love him so much! You guys not only have the best looking puggles out there but also very healthy pups as well. I would absolutely get another one from you guys when we are ready.

Thank you again so much for our handsome little man.

Thank you
Noelle and John


January 2013


Puggle, Bentley

Hi Yvonne and Mark:

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update..

Just wanted to update you again on Bentley (FKA Johnny)... he's the love of my life!  So sweet and cuddly and protective of his momma! He even makes my boyfriend jealous, especially at bedtime!  He continues to be such a joy to have and has become a pretty big celebrity in Boston!  Attached, is one of the latest pics of him.  Enjoy!  We had a huge snowstorm last weekend ... he loves the snow, but doesn't like the watery puddles it's leaving behind now that it's melting quickly!

I really can't thank you enough for bringing him into my life!

Kindest regards


February 2013


Froston, Marv

Hi Mark and Yvonne, 

I just wanted to update you on our Froston, Marv (Pedro). He's just a month shy of his first birthday, and we've been enjoying his lively personality and antics since we adopted him back in June. He is a true New Yorker and loves to socialize with other dogs in the neighborhood, but looks forward to weekend getaways on Long Island and in New Jersey. Marv has quite the personality and definitely thinks he's the king of the house. He's sweet, with a very strong sense of self, and a little stubborn -- but he's an overall wonderful dog and we wouldn't change a thing! He loves carrots cuddling, and has caught on to most tricks, like sit, lay down, and high five. His favorite places are the the dog park and Central Park where he loves to roll around in the grass.



He's an energetic little guy and currently weighs 29 lbs, but is mostly muscle!

Thank you for allowing us to adopt such a healthy, happy and outgoing puppy. He truly brightens each and every day.



Charleen and Matt

February 2013


Boggle, Cali

Hey Yvonne and Mark!
I hope you remember us, we purchased Cali formally Sable April 2010 and today (Feb, 18) is her 3rd Birthday! She is extremely SPOILED we are told. She is just the cutest thing and everyone loves her, she is the talk of the dog park for how beautiful her coloring is! Cali does very well with kids and absolutely loves playing with other dogs. My cousin was looking to get a dog for her kids, so I told her about you guys and in November she purchased a male Puggle from you. We love when she snuggles up to us when laying in bed or on the couch, she thinks she's the Queen and lays where ever she wants like on our pillows. Cali is so mischievous and cute, she will do something she shouldn't and then looks/acts so cute and innocent.

I'm always looking at your website at the customer feedback to see if I can see any dogs from Cali's litter(I know she had a sister Star and 2 brothers don't remember their names) to see what they look like compared to Cali. And of course looking at the new puppies hoping one day to get another one, a friend for Cali. Attached are some photos of Cali.


February 2013


Puggle, Marley

My husband, Mike, and I received our puggle baby Marley (I don't remember her previous name) in November of 2006 not long after I had lost a baby.  I believe our customer feedback is the first one on the oldest link on your page.  From the moment I laid eyes on our puppy in the airport, I knew we were meant to be together.  She is the most amazingly sweet dog who has now grown into a big "sister" for our two daughters.  I thank God for having Marley brought into my life and want to thank you again, six years later, for helping us to find our doggy daughter and beloved member of our family.  She is happy, healthy, and more spoiled than ever!  I wanted to send a pic to show you how she was doing.

 I have much better photos of her on my iPad but I might start WWIII if I ask my three-year- old to give it up so I can send them from it.  Hope all is well with you and your family!


March 2013


Puggle, Chloe

March 2013


Froston, Cash

Hey Mrs.Yvonne!

 I'm sure you don't remember me but I bought my puppy Archie (now cash) from you last year and I just wanted to send you a picture of our handsome young man! And let you know that he is doing great! And we love him dearly!!! Hope you enjoy the picture!!






April 2013


Beabull, Oscar

Hi Yvonne, 

We purchased Keagen from you about 4 years ago.

He's the best family dog we've ever had.

He genuinely loves being around people.

He's well trained, and low, low maintenance.

He's content hanging out but loves going for rides and taking long walks.

We named him Oscar and he hasn't had anything wrong with him, a very healthy dog.

Honestly I'm not sure I could get another type of dog ever again.


I fell in love with my beabull and I couldn't be happier w him.

I wanted to update you and thank you again but I was also hoping you could use one of my photos of Oscar on your webpage if you wanted, id be honored because




I think I have the most handsome dog on earth! : )

Thank you again for making my world complete.

April 2013


Puggle, Jax

I have been meaning to send you pictures for a while now...I wanted to let you know that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE our little baby!  We adopted him in October 2011 and his given name was Dylan. 
We named him Jax and has been the best addition to our lives EVER!  He is still quite the lover and so chill.  VERY much a mommy's boy which I love...drived the BF nuts...LOL.  Anyway, I wanted to say thanks again and send some pics!  A couple include Dexter who you knew as Duce - they are BFF's!
You guys are awesome and we have told so many people about you and our experience!
Take Care!

April 2013


Pugglebull, Dart

Dart aka Petie is the most fun! Very playful but very happy to just snuggle up with us also.   People will stop us and ask what he is and where we got him.   He is very friendly and very quiet.   He rarely barks and loves other animals!   He is the best investment we ever made!   He was very easy to train.  He sits, lays down,  shakes paws, rings his doorbell when he wants out (granted he's not being stubborn), fetches,  and high fives.  He adores the children and greets each one when they come home from school.  He also loves his squeaky toys much to our dismay when we watch movies or the news.   He will even let me have his squeaky to play with if I ask him for it.  He's just wonderful.  

Thanks soooo much for allowing us to bring this wonderful addition into our family.  I could go on for hours about what a sweet dog he is!



Armstrong Anderson household


May 2013


Pugglebull, Buster


We just wanted to thank you for our handsome Puggle Bull, Buster aka Cooper when he was with you (he is now a little over a year old). He has fit into the family perfectly and gets along so well with his "big" sister, a toy yorkie. He has so much energy and everyone who sees him falls in love with him. He is a wonderful addition to our family. When we first received him he was smaller than his sister but now he is a 40lb love bug!  You both are wonderful breeders and it was a pleasure purchasing our baby through you!



Thank you again!
Jenny and Mark

May 2013


Pugglebull, Bentley

On a hot July afternoon in Virginia Beach I arrived at Norfolk International Airport to meet the most amazing little man I have ever seen....with the exception of my son in 1996. Bentley arrived and the squeaky toys hit the floor and our life has never been the same. As you can see from a few pictures, he enjoys his couch time and the noise toys are never out of reach. Thank You to you and your family for this wonderful creature.  As of his 1st birthday on May 2nd he weighed in at 56 pounds and I must say I feel I have a Minnie Brahma bull running my house.


We look forward to another puppy soon:)

Jen and Spencer
Virginia Beach, Virginia

May 2013


Puggle, Todd

Hello, update on Todd (now called Clint Eastwood). He is wonderful and still ever playful. Loves his sister and chilling at the park ever day.  He has a very large and funny under bite but does just fine with it.



Thank you again for everything. 

June 2013


Froston, Shmooly

Mark and Yvonne,

We just wanted to send you some cute photos of our wonderful Froston Shmooly.  We purchased him from you over a year ago and we could not be more in love.  He is so cute and funny with such a great personality.  He makes us laugh constantly.

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful pet!  He is a perfect addition to our family.

Stacy and Mat

June 2013



Peagle, Cooper & Lacey

Mr. & Mrs. Riley:

 On August 6, 2010 we received Cooper (formerly “Chance”) and Lacey, brother and sister, which we purchased from you.  We thank you for breeding some fabulous dogs.  I have been meaning to send you pictures every year but somehow the time always gets away from me.  Below are some pictures (early and recent). Words can’t really describe or express how much joy they have brought to our lives, but I will give it a try.

Cooper & Lacey are the sweetest dogs!  They are so much fun and very loving!  All of our friends are as crazy about them as we are.  In addition to being so loving and sweet, they are very good dogs.  They have very different and distinctive personalities.  They, along with their big brother, Jacob (golden retriever) get a 1 1/2 mile walk/run (they mostly want to run) every morning.  They love each other and their big brother.  They love the outdoors and just want to be wherever we are.  We are nuts about them!

 We will occasionally go to your website to view the available puppies.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen Peagles on your website for quite some time and are wondering what happened?


I hope you get as much joy from the pictures as we do.


Thanks for such wonderful puppies!!!


Debi S.

June 2013


Beabull, Ellie

Hello Yvonne & Mark,

It has been about a year and a half since Rogue now Ellie has been with us, She has become such a wonderful addition to our family. She was very shy and reserved when she arrived but has now become confident and plays well our other dog Sampson. Thank you so much for providing such great animals. 


Thank You ,

The Horn Family

June 2013


Beabull, Tank


I just wanted to give you an update on the beabull we adopted from you.  You named him Logan(3-6-13), but he has been renamed Tank. 


He has the most wonderful temperment, it's hard to believe he is 41/2 months old. His parents must have the greatest personalities!  Tank is really relaxed and enjoys being with family.  We currently have him in puppy obedience, he is quick to learn and likes being with other puppies.  I have attached a few photos.



Thanks again for a great puppy.

Mimi M.

June 2013


Puggle, Mocha

Mark and Yvonne,


I just wanted to reach out to you and share some picture of our 4 legged daughter. We purchased Cuddles from you back in March. Her name is now Mocha. She has brought joy to our home in a way which we never knew was missing. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the back deck and catch some rays- we call her our "sun puppy". She's adjusted very well to her new "rules" around the house and just wants to cuddle and be loved.


Thank you so much for blessing us with Mocha. We love her SO much and would recommend your business up anyone in the market for a new pup!

Natalie K. and Will C.

July 2013


Puggles, Gunner & Bentley

Hi Yvonne!
Just wanted to give you an updated photo of Gunner (FKA Harley) with his older brother Bentley (FKA Johnny). They really love being together.  Gunner has adapted to his new home very well and is continuing to be a lovely little guy!

Again I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for these two adorable boys!  I love them with all my heart!

Kindest regards


Puggle, Daisy

I want to thank you for Daisy (Petals). She is 5 months old and about 17 pounds and has learned a lot. She sits, shakes, gives five, lays down, crawls, and speaks, we are working on sitting pretty. She was house broken within 2-3 weeks of getting her (we got her at 8 weeks). Attached is a photo of her enjoying her summer!
Thank you

Frank and Keri

July 2013




Pugglebull, Louie

A  year ago, we got Louie (we kept his name b/c it was perfect for him) and the whole family quickly fell in love.  He's quite possibly the sweetest dog I've ever had.  He rarely barks, he never meets a stranger in people or other dogs, he's playful, rambunctious yet laid back and big into snuggling.  I've had dogs my whole life, but I gotta say he's by far the best dog I've ever had.  My girls absolutely adore him as well.  I can say, it did take longer than I personally wanted for him to get potty trained, but maybe that is b/c we were trying to divide our time in to potty training a dog and a 2 year old at the same time.  And don't let the stubby legs fool you, this guy can run, and run fast...........although, he often gets tripped up b/c he's so low to the ground.  And the Rockin R Puppies clan were professional and worked with us on picking Louie up from the airport they fly the puppies out of.  


Thanks so much for our Louie (or as we have added on to include Sir Louis SoHo Bohaagon)!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Missy, Jeremy, Kalen and Hayden

July 2013


Pugglebull, Gauge



We bought Gauge or as you knew him "Davey" from you back in march and we couldnt be happier with our new addition. 

He is the best dog. Sooo lovable great with the kids. He has a routine every night where he put his kids to bed every night.  where ever we take him he is the star of the show!





Thank you so much for our Rockin Puppy
The Guyotte Family

August 2013


Puggle, Sarge

Hello Mark, and Yvonne,


We got a puggle from you about a year ago, you had named him Monty, but we chose to change his name to Sarge.  He is a wonderful dog!! He is so playful and loveable. Our 5 year old and him chase each other around all day until they both are so tired they take a snooze together :)



Sarge became a 'big brother' in March, and he is loving it!





He protects and loves this baby so much!

He has been an amazing addition to our family.

We have you to thank for that!! :)







thank you so much!!

Joe, Andrea, Annabella, Callie and Sarge

September 2013



Puggle, Bentley

I have had Bentley now for two years.


He is the sweetest dog I have ever come across and has the best personality!


He honestly make my days brighter and I don't know what I would do without him.


Jenna G.

October 2013



Puggle, Chaco

Hey you guys. I don't know if you ever received an update on "Toby", renamed to Chaco. He is an absolutely wonderful dog. He has the best personality in the world. It is getting close to his 5th birthday! Doesn't seem like he is already 5 years old!


October 2013


Puggle, Leia


We got Leia (aka Harper) from you in March and she is the best puppy! She is so love able and friendly. She is a great addition to our family. Thanks so much for breeding such cute puppies :) "Princess" Leia loves her home in Michigan!






Philip & Angela

October 2013



Puggles, Sammy and Roxy

Mark & Yvonne -

Considering our family to be more cat lovers we decided to get a dog after house sitting for a relatives' dog.  We first got Roxy (fawn female) in January 2012 and then Sammy (black male) in May 2012.  Needless to say both quickly became an essential part of our family.  They love to run around and play in the yard, but they're not real fans of the pool.  We are so glad to have them in our life.

The Scriptures

October 2013



Puggle, Maxwell



Since were coming up on Maxwell's first birthday next month, I just wanted to thank you again for such a great pup. He is such smart and lovable dog and hes got quite the personality too! 




Thanks again,

Molly M.

October 2013


Mini Bull Bull, Winston

Hi guys!

We were just writing to let you know how Winston (previously Ross) is doing with our family! Winston has been an absolute joy for us from the moment we picked him up from the airport. He is a cherished member of our family and we receive so many compliments from people on how wonderful his temperament is.  He has adopted our elderly Rottweiler as his mother-figure and he absolutely adores her and follows her everywhere. Winston recently visited the vet for his check-up and our vet raved about him, especially of his beautiful appearance and phenomenal health.    We cannot thank you enough for providing us with such a wonderful animal. We absolutely love him. We've also attached some photos so you guys can see how he's grown. 








Thanks again for everything :)

The Pyscher Family

November 2013


Puggle, Joey


I just wanted to send you an update and THANK YOU so much for my sweet puppy, Joey (formerly Ace).  

I brought him home in June, and he has been my little shadow ever since! He is about seven months old now. And so healthy, happy, intelligent, hilarious, loving, and LOVED.  Joey adores everyone, and everyone adores Joey.


I am so grateful to have my “Lil’ Bit” in my life. He is truly precious!

Thank you again,

Elizabeth and Joey

November 2013


Puggle, Chloe

Hi Yvonne,
Its hard to believe that tomorrow is Chloe's (Baby's) 1st Birthday already.  I wanted to let you know she is the perfect puppy for us!  Here are a few more pictures of Chloe with her best kitty friend, Luke.  Luke was washing Chloes ears and head for her! 



Hope all is well with you and your family! 


Happy holidays!

November 2013


Beabull Bull, Ham

Good Evening Mark & Yavonne,
It's been almost 1 year since I have adopted Ruger aka Ham, from you. He has been such a joy to have as my family! I thought I'd share a few photos of him currently as we are getting ready for Christmas! He is a pup with a 1,000 expressions! I really love what a great looking dog he has become. He loves the outdoors and going for rides. I couldn't be happier with him and I can't thank you enough for this joy!
I am looking for a brother for him soon and will keep you in mind!

Thank you again for this wonderful baby!

Ham as a puppy and what he looks like now. 

December 2013


Pugglebull, Duke aka Willie

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Riley,
My wife and I purchased a pugglebull puppy (you named him Mugsy) from you roughly three years ago (12/15/2010 litter). I was browsing your website just to check out the latest litters and decided to send a couple of photos of our dog (Duke, who has been nicknamed Willie) in case you wanted to include them in the adult pugglebull section. 
He turned out to be a beautiful dog. He weighs 35lbs and is as healthy as can be. I've been a dog owner my entire life and I can honestly say that Duke is the most loving and expressive dog I've ever encountered. In three years I'm yet to see him growl in anger (he does like to growl when playing tug-of-war).
He's VERY people-friendly, playful, and intelligent (he knows double digit commands). He's also mischievous (he's a skilled thief). He gets along very well with other dogs and is wonderful with our 2 year old son.

Not sure if any of his siblings do this, but at times he gets so excited he cant help but shake his butt (a wonderful alternative from dogs who pee when they get excited...). 

All in all, he's a wonderful member of our family. If I can convince my wife to get another dog, we'll be coming to you guys for another pugglebull.
Happy Holidays to you!
-Michael C.

December 2013


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