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2011 Customer Feedback

All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies. We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.



Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY

Puggle, Champ


My girls and I wanted to send you this email for your Customer Feedback page as the first in 2011!  "Champ" came to us on Friday, New Years Eve, and in three short days, has settled into our home and in our hearts for good.  His temperament is wonderful, is incredibly affectionate, and has already mastered the sit command, is walking great on a leash, and hasn't had one accident in the house.  In fact, today he went to the door to go out - twice.  We expect he'll be fully house trained within a weeks time!  Now that's a smart dog.  I have attached a few of our favorite pictures.  Your Customer Feedback page was very helpful when we were considering adopting a puppy from you and hope our testimonial is as helpful to other prospective Puggle owners.  We are thrilled that we decided on a Puggle.


 You breed beautiful dogs and we thank you for Champ!

January 1, 2011


Puggle, Coaster

Hello Mark and Yvonne,

My husband and I have been meaning to email you for the past 2 years and tell you the joys that our little puggle has brought to our lives.

 Harold, renamed from Coaster, is the light of our life!  From the minute we got him in our car, he was a kissing fool!  He loves everyone...dogs, babies, kids, people, strangers, dogs on tv, horses...all he wants to do it meet them and be their friend.  

We have never met a dog before who like to snuggle and cuddle as much as Harold.  He brings smiles to our faces every minute of the day.   Thank you for caring and nurturing him so lovingly before he was a part of our family.  We can tell he was a loved puppy and appreciate your dedication. We hope to be back for a little brother or sister for Harold soon :)

 Thank you, thank you, thank you...christine and mike 

PS.. I included some photos of Harold when he was a puppy and may use them or any parts of this email for your website if you want.

January 2011


Shihpoo, Sassy

A short while after we got Sassy it looked like you got out of the Shihpoo business, but we noticed you currently have a new batch. Are these Sassy’s parents or different dogs? Bridget was so wonderful that we didn’t think she was replaceable, but Sassy has been absolutely marvelous. She is extremely intelligent and incredibly loving.  She’s 19 months now, but still a bit of a puppy and loves to play. She likes to play fetch and tug of war, and we accommodate her until we are too tired. We are thankful every day that we have her.


January 2011



Puggle, Zoey

Hi Mark & Yvonne
I don't know if you remember us but we purchased Polly from you back in July of 2009. Her name now is Zoey and she is just a sweetie...we love her so much. She is such a good dog and greets everyone with a smile when they come in the house.

The best part of her is that she loves to cuddle with you...we just can't get enough of her. When people ask where did you get her...we tell them rockin r puppies. Its been a long time since I've sent some pictures of her so I've attached some that are from this past summer and christmas time...hope you enjoy them!

Oh...the one of her looking through the fence..well she's waiting for her friend belle to come and play...belle is our neighbor's dog...she's a german shepherd...and Zoey and her get along great! The picture of her with the Labs is my friends puppies.
Thanks again!

Lisa F.




January 2011



Beabull, Paisley

Hi Yvonne,

My husband and I just wanted to thank you again for our Beabull Paisley (formally Taffy) that we bought in December. We love her! My son especially, they have become the best of friends! She is a wonderful, sweet and very smart dog.  She is doing very well with her potty training and she amazes me every day with how smart she is and how well she listens for being so young.  My son and her love to do
everything together, as you can tell from the pics.  One of their favorite things is to play at the park together, Paisley loves going down the slides!  So thank you and Mark both, we love our new addition to the family!

Amber, Gabe and Gavin E.

January 2011


Puggle, Dexter

Yvonne and Mark!

So it’s about that time that I send an email raving about how fantastic my puppy is. Dexter aka “Cuteness” is 6 months old today actually and since I’ve had him has been one of the highlights and greatest joys of my life.  He randomly ended up arriving one week after a difficult breakup from a relationship and nothing could have worked better to cheer me up.  I’m an occupational therapist in a nursing home and bring him in all the time; the residents adore him. 




His nickname at the dog park is “Napoleon” because he plays with full-grown boxers and bulldogs as if he were the same size!  

My mother, who is not usually a dog lover, even calls me asking if I can bring over her “grandson” to visit.  Dexter is one of the most loving, playful, healthy puppies that I have ever encountered and I am very lucky to have him. 

Ellen and Dexter

January 2011

Puggle, Kaylan

Hey Mark and Yvonne, 
Its been a while so just wanted toupdate you on our wonderful little boy Kaylan who was formerly Rambo.

He seems to be an angel sent to us because he was struck by car and somehow came running to us with a few scrapes, but as you can imagine we rushed him to pet ER and he was released two hours later with a clean bill of health and a large bill (we would take the bill any day)! 
Kaylan also graduated from family dog 1 and 2 classes, and most recently he was featured as the Daily Puggle on on January 21st 2011 we made sure we gave a huge shout out to your website. As you can see we think of him as our son! He has become a huge part of our family and we get told off he doesn't come to Sunday dinner at his nonno and nonnas house (Italian Grandma and Grandpa)! 

Kaylan always manages to put a smile on our face, even on the stressful days his happy to see us! 
Thank you and if you ever need a reference we would be happy to help.
Rachel, Karen and Kaylan

The first attached picture shows Kaylan enjoying his winter sun, the second picture shows him drooling for the first time, the third picture shows him getting told off for destroying the newly made bed, and lastly after many months of searching we finally found a car magnet that said I love my puggle!! 

January 2011


Puggle Bull, Bolt

Dear Mark and Yvonne,
We are sorry that it has taken so long to get back with you guys. We couldn't be happier with Bolt and we are pleased to let you know that when we took him to the vet he said he was in great condition. We enjoy his company and we really love watching him grow and progress everyday. He is a super active fun loving dog and we want you to know that when we get another dog, Rockin' R Puppies will be our first stop. We can tell the love and commitment that goes into raising your dogs and puppies and can see from his personality that there is so much love and commitment put into these puppies from day one. We will recommend you very highly to anyone that we know looking for your breeds. Again thank you so much and we will keep you updated as Bolt grows and matures.

Thanks again,
The E. Family (Kellan, Heather, Kadyn and Bolt)

January 2011


Morkie, Otis

Hi Mark and Yvonne!
  Brendan and I wanted to thank you times a million for little Otis (formally Odie.) He's a perfect fit for our family. He is so full of bubbly personality and is such a snuggle bug.
He gets along great with Minnie as if they've always known each other. And when I bring him to the doggy daycare that I work for, he is the life of the party and acts like he owns the place. We can't thank you enough for how cooperative you were with us. He was a wonderful early Christmas present thanks to you guys!



Amanda, Brendan, & Minnie

February 2011


Puggle, Daisy

I just wanted to send you a few pics of our little puggle Daisy.  She is now just a little over 2 years old and such a wonderful part of our family.  She has no health issues at all and is such a happy little pup.  She is such a great dog!  Thanks again!



Sean, Heather and Hope D.

February 2011


Froston, Panini

Dear Mark and Yvonne,
I've been meaning to write you to let you know just how much we love our Froston (1/2 French Bulldog and 1/2 Boston Terrier) that we got from you. We named her Panini (her name was Tanya). The moment when we picked her up from the airport we fell in love with her. She settled into the house almost instantly. She has been nothing but healthy and a wonderful pet. Sassy as can be and keeps us laughing almost every single day. Thank you so much. We love her dearly. If we decide to get a pal for Panini, we are immediatly coming to you.



Thank you!!!!! I've included some pictures of Panini from puppyhood till now (little over a year).

Brianna & Anthony H.

February 2011


Boggle, Cali

Hi Mark and Yvonne, we just recently celebrated our dog Cali's (formally Sable) 1st Birthday in Feb. and in April we will have had her for a year! She is our little Princess she is so spoiled! And we absolutely lover her! She is just the cutest thing and everyone says so! She has the best temperment! She doesn't growl or bark or bite when you are near or touching her food while she's eating or if she's chewing on her bully stick and you take it away from her. Whenever we are walking her and she see's another dog she will lay down and will not move until they get close then she will get up and sniff them and then be ready to play, she is so playful thats all she ever want to do is play! People always ask us is she's a Pitbull. She is so smart, and two of the new tricks my daughter taught her is to roll over and when she says give me a kiss she will lick her face (I listed some of the other tricks she knows in the last update[sit,paw,lay down,high five, ect.]). I think it's funny how little she is at about 20 lbs. and acts like she is a big dog and plays with all the big dogs. She actually had a playdate today with a Boxer. The first update we sent you we sent pictures of her first camping trip and of her graduating puppy school this time we attached pictures from her 1st Christmas(pic. with Santa), her 1st Birthday, one of her playing in the snow, and one of her at the front door. From the day we picked her up at the airport she was so tiny and now I can't believe how much she has grown just want to say again thank you and glad we came across your website!





The MacCuish Family from Boston

March 2011


Puggle, Genki

Hi Mark and Yvonne! I wanted give you an update on my precioous puppy Puggle Genki (known as Ruff Ruff).He has grown so much since I got him Sep 2010.He is now 9month old now.He has been good boy, (sometimes bad boy!) healthy, I love him so much so I am the one who has separation anxiety..:P lol But I am working on it:P  I was looking at  2011 customer feedback and found one of customer has exact same as my Genki! (Her puppy's name is Dexter) Is he relative with my puppy? They have same face, seems like same personality that he is not scared anything and play with big dogs! Genki loves to play big dogs and very tough boy at daycare.I am so happy that I found him.He is my life time happiness :) 

Thanks again!! I will attach some pictures.

Chika & Genki 

April 2011


Peagle, Smokey

Hi Mark and Yvonne,   I have been meaning to write and send Pics of our amazing puppy Smokey!  He has been probable the best dog that we have ever had!!! He fits right into the Taylor family with his Big personality!  My kids love that ever morning instead of me waking them up he goes in and does it.  I

have also noticed that he is a one of a kind Peagle, I have done many searches on line to find moreinfo about them and None look as he does!  Attached are some pictures of him and how he has grown, please feel free to share this on your web page as we are Extremely happy with our wonderful dog!

Thanks Again sooo very much!
Scott and Montria

April 2011


Puggle Bull, Baxter

This is Baxter(Rem) the puggle-bull we got from you last June. He is now one years old and he is THE BEST dog we could have ever asked for! We get nothin but compliments on him everytime we leave the house!




He is so gentle and friendly by nature. So good around babies dogs,etc.  Thanks again for everything!! We love him and look forward to doing business again in the future.

Matt and Alison

April 2011


Puggle, Champ

Hi Mark,

Just want to pass along some pictures of Champ.  As you can see, he is turning out to be an absolutely beautiful dog and is 6 months old .  He is a definitely a unique looking Puggle with a lot of Beagle in his looks.  People are constantly stopping us and wanting to know what kind of dog he is.  We have yet to see any other Puggle who looks like him.  




His personality is great too!  Very playful yet very loving and extremely obedient!  We are thrilled with him and wanted to give you an update on how he is doing.



Hope all is well with you!





April 2011


Beabull Bull, Toot

Mark and Yvonne,

We purchased Lil Toot Toot (Toot, The Toot Monster, Tooters, Bubbers) aka "Dunk" from you in November of 2010. He is the light of our lives. He has the best temperament and he is my saving grace. Not a day goes by I don't thank my lucky stars for him, especially after a long day at work.

I have included a link for a Youtube video we made with video snippets and pictures of Toot. Please post our video on your customer feedback site so we can show the world just how amazing our Beabull is.

Toot's name came from my Grandmother, whom passed away a couple weeks before we got him. She raced turtles to raise money for her local church. Every year, she named her turtle "Lil Toot Toot," which is why we passed on the tradition. I think of her every time Toot makes me smile, which is quite A LOT! Toot's personality has a way of making you laugh even when you're having a horrible day.

Toot has the best disposition and is truly one of the greatest blessings we could have asked for. He is the life of the dog park, and doesn't have an angry bone in his body. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog. He knows all the basic commands, and has this cute little way of sticking out his bottom lip whenever he is tired (if you watch the video, you'll see what I'm talking about). Toot caught onto potty training right away, and learned how to sit within just a few weeks of having him. We got him from you after he was close to six weeks old. I am so proud to take him everywhere with me, especially cause I know how much he loves to ride in the car and stick his head out the window. He loves his squeaky alligator, his tennis ball and of course his flavored Nylabones!

Thank you so much for our Lil Toot Toot. I am so glad we found you and you were able to hook us up with our Little Toot Monster!! I can't imagine what life was like before we had him.

Little Toot Toot Video:

~Cara and Matt/Cincinnati, Ohio~

May 2011


Beabull Bull, Gunny

Hello Mark and Yvonne, 





I just wanted to give you updates on GUNNY (Formerly Kringle) (Beabull Bull). I enjoy him so much, we almost do everything together.


I am so proud that he is house broken so quickly! I take him to the BYRD dog park every weekend and he goes to the PETCO social hour every Sunday.

I'm proud to announce he just graduated from Obedience School!

Everywhere I take him I get compliments! So I have to go to through the story of what kind of dog he is, I think I have it down to a science (lol). 








Allot of people ask for your website.  I told them they wouldn't be HAPPIER!

David White
Richmond, Virginia

May 2011


Puggle Bull, Lambeau


I just wanted to send some updated photos of Lambeau (aka stubby).We love him sooooo much! He's 2 yrs. old now and full grown and we love his size!! His sister Vegas (a Boxer), just recently passed away and I know he misses her as much as we do but all the love he gets keeps him and our family going and getting through each day:)


We just wanted you both to see how much he's grown and we can never express how happy you have made us with our playful little boy! Thanks again for everything!




Love The Martin Family

May 2011


Boggle, Wrigley

Not sure you remember this beautiful puppy we got in March.  His name is Wrigley (it was Petey) and he is a boggle.  He is 4 months old now and one of the most amazing puppies we've seen. He's sooo sweet and smart.  House-training was nothing! He would let us know he needed to go out within the first couple of weeks.  He LOVES everyone and especially loves his big buddy Ace (our daughter's puggle). Just like others that have written in - we can't go anywhere without everyone stopping to see him and ask about him.  It took us a long time to finally agree to get a dog and boy are we happy we did!!

 He was the perfect find for us.

 Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and let you see how handsome Wrigley is getting!

Thanks again!!

Kevin & Lori

May 2011


Puggle, Miley

I was looking at your site and thought I would send and update.

Miley aka Penelope was born August 6 2008.

She is the best thing that has
ever happened to me.
She is a lovable little dog or should I say big (she is 30 pounds) but she is the love of my life.


I am including some pictures so you can see what a beautiful girl she turned into.

Thanks again for giving me the best dog ever.


May 2011


Puggle. Winston

Dear Yvonne and Mark-

I just wanted to let you guys know what a great experience we have had with
our dog.  Winston (formerly known as Brewster) has literally changed our
lives for the better, and although he is extremely curious, which tends to
get him into trouble, we wouldn't change our decision for the world.  He
just turned 3 and he is still "living the dream" over here in Philadelphia.
I have attached some pictures for you guys to use on your website if you
would like.  I also wanted to say that of the 3 people we have referred, all
have had the same, great experience, and its so nice to see the time and
effort you put in before you send your pups on their way. My wife Jackie and
I admire the hard work and dedication of rockinrpuppies, and know that
Winston is a fine example of your establishment.

My mother and father are so enamored with Winston that they have officially become the 4th couple we are referring.  If you could please email me back, they would love to know when the next Puggle breed is expected.  They just lost their boxer to a freak accident and are ready to move on...we told them about your website and they are on board due to the love and dedication they see on a daily basis with Winston.  I hope this email finds you both well, and I look forward to speaking with you!  Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


Chris and Jaclyn

May 2011


Froston, Tugby

Hello Rockin R Puppies,


Just wanted to give you an update on your little guy, Tugby (formerly Toby). We have had Tugs for a year now and still love him so much! He is such a fun-loving guy, full of life and personality. Friends and family just love him and we always attribute it to the high quality breeders that he came from!

Thank you again for breeding such great puppies:)

Here are some pictures from over the year!
Picture 1, haning out in the house
Picture , after a bath
Picture 3, his new life jacket before going out on the tugboat with Dad
Picture 4, licking the rest of the peanut butter from the jar
Picture 5, hanging out in his favorite spot, in the window



Thanks Again,

Kevin and Sarah, Maine

June, 2011


Puggle, Aimee

Hi Mark & Yvonne,
Just wanted to send you a little hello from our sweet puggle puppy Aimee (now Lacy).
We received her on June 17th and welcomed her to our home in Orange County, CA. We all fell in love with her from the moment she arrived!  She is such a sweet, spunky little thing!  Loves to play with the kids all day and snuggle with everyone at night.


She's doing very well, healthy and a great eater!  The vet said she is one of the cutest puggles they've seen :) We just wanted to thank you for everything!  We had a great first experience purchasing a puppy through you, and we could'nt have asked for a better dog!




Thank you!
Jenn & Gary

July 2011


Pugglebull, Midge



Just a quick note to let you know how Midge (formerly precious) is doing. She is a Puggle Bull I had purchased from you in the end of  July 2010. I am not sure if you remember. She was a bit older when I purchased her. She was about 4 mos. Old and I was very skeptical when purchasing her. Well, I am very glad I did. She is a fantastic dog. Very loving and affectionate and great with the kids. She is quite the crowd pleaser when we take her out too.

Constantly have someone stop and pet her and ask what type of dog she is. She loves all the attention. She is often confused as to being an American Bull dog puppy or a White Boxer Pup. She’s now a little over a year and weighs about 30 lbs and is a very attractive dog. Thanks you for such a good dog and smooth transaction. I recommended my cousin in NY to you and she recently bought a Puggle from you about 2 weeks ago. She was pleased as well. Thanks again! I have attached some pictures of midge incase you wanted to post them on-line..



July 2011


Puginese, Darla

Dear Mark and Yvonne,
We have had Darla (formerly Emerald) for about 6 months now. It's been a while since we have given you any updates. I just wanted to let you guys know that she is still doing very very well! She is the most precious little pup and we adore everything about her. She's quite a sassy girl and we love it! She's only a whopping 12 lbs., but she seems to think shes the size of a saint bernard! It's very entertaining. Training her has been so easy and fun. She knows quite a few tricks now and has never had an issue with potty training. We are so glad to have her in our lives and just want to say thanks again! 



Louie and Annie

July 2011


Mini Bull, Buddy

Dear Mark and Yvonne,
Just wanted to give you an update on Buddy Bean Formally  known as Lucky .  He is doing great and getting so big.  He is extremely smart , and  Playful He is the most loyal dog I have ever seen and loves to Hang out  on the couch with you.  No matter where I go, people always stop us to comment on how cute and Friendly  he is.  I can't imagine a better fit for my  Family without him Life would not be a happy  thanks again for such a great puppy, we would recommend you to anybody looking for the perfect puppy.  Here are some pictures of Buddy , hope you enjoy them. I think he is the Best looking Mini Bull Or Bulldog for that matter i have seen Thanks Again


Thanks again,

July 2011


Puggle, Nibbles-Kallie

Good Morning:

Not sure if you remember Josh & I but hopefully you remember Nibbles, now Kallie.  I thought it was fitting to update you on her today because it is her 1st Birthday!  We just want to thank you for giving us the best puppy we could ask for and also a great experience throughout the whole buying process.  She is the light of our life!  She has stayed true to her original name and is not quite out of her chewing phase.  She loooovess to play catch, go for walks, snuggle and chew her marrow bones (the only toy she can't destroy).  She is verrry spoiled!  She sleeps with us every night and in the morning we wake up to lots of hugs & kisses from her!  Her grandparents love her and she has two puggle cousins that she loves! 

Again, thank you for Kallie and all of your help!  One day soon we hope to get her a brother or sister =)

P.S. I have attached some pictures of her along with a video, not sure if you will be able to open it.


August 2011


Beabull, Oscar-Sarge


Hello Mark and Yvonne,

My fiance and I brought our Beabull Oscar, previously Sarge, into our family in late March of this year. He is such an amazing dog! We can not go anywhere without being stopped to be told what a great/adorable looking dog he is! Everyone in our apartment complex loves him, and he is the star of the dog park! We were amazed how quickly he caught on to commands and tricks, and was fully potty trained within 6 weeks! Our favorite part of our day is coming home and seeing how excited he is to see us! Oscar is so smart, loyal, and gentle. He is amazing with our nieces and nephews, who are all under the age of 3! We can not thank you enough for our new addition to our family!  

Thank you,

Ryan and Lauren
Waltham, MA

Attached are a few of our many favorite pics of Oscar!









September 2011


Beabull Bull, Harley-Rudy

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

I just wanted to say hi and update you on Rudy, the Beabull Bull my husband and I adopted from you in December of 2009.  We renamed him "Harley" and he is doing just great and shares our home with my boxer Gracie.  I can't believe it's almost been 2 years that he has been with us, time has definitely flown by. 


Harley was such a great addition to our home and he has been a great dog.  Surprisingly, he outweighs my boxer!  He has been a healthy dog and very playful and fun to watch as he developed his own little doggy personality.



I just wanted to thank you both for such a pleasant experience and for the great dog that is now a settled in member of the family.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of him also.

Thanks again,

September 2011


Puggle, Cooper

Hi guys, I just thought I'd share a picture with you. This is Cooper.



He was originally Antonio. Just letting you know he's perfectly healthy and will be turning 3 tomorrow! Time flies. I remember being so excited to pick him up at the airport. He's been an amazing dog. Thank you! Oh, and he's a Packer fan... :)

Bryce L.



September 2011


Puggle, Zoie

Click My Picture to Watch My You Tube Video

Yvonne & Mark- Just wanted to say thank you for Cassandra-we named her Zoie. Her and cali (2.5 years) are best freinds....or at least working towards it. If you are interested i made a video of the 2 dogs first 2 days together. We have numerous people asking us where we got this adorable dog? 

Thank you




October 2011


Froston, Mr. Chops

Hi Mark & Yvonne;

I just wanted to send you guys a few updated pictures of Chops or as we now call him Mr. Chops. He’s now 6 months old, about 20 lbs. has a great temper, loves to play. He was easy to house break. He is also very vocal and loves to let you know what he wants!

 He loves sitting with me  in my office. 
This is the face I get from him 
when I don’t pay attention to  him. 






The picture on the left was taken on Tuesday this week.

He slept in bed with us Monday night

and just didn’t want to get out of bed Tuesday morning.

We read that these little guys can get cold, so we got him a sweat shirt.

Thank you!
Jonathan & Effie and Mr. Chops

October 2011


Boggle, Rambo

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

It's been almost 2 1/2 years since we got Rambo (formally Ewan) a Boggle from you guys and we wanted to give you some feedback on how he is doing.  We are are completely in love with him. He truly is the best dog in the world. He's is so much fun! He loves every single person & child that crosses his way. At times he sits there & even tries to speak to us to grab our attention. He loves to watch games on the

television with us, especially football games! He is a BIG New York Giants Fan as you can see from the pictures I sent. He loves to cuddle with us all the time and even sleeps with us. He is our family and we could not be any happier. Thanks again!  

Enjoy the Pictures :-)

Sandy & Frank
  Nutley - New Jersey

October 2011


Puggle, Sebastian

Good afternoon,


I wanted to share my 4 years of happiness. Sebastian (Sharky to you) has been the biggest joy in my life. His 4th birthday was September 23 2011. I love him more than life itself. Thank you Rockin R Puppies for the joy, love, companion, and best friend I could ever ask for.



Long Island, New York

October 2011


Puggle, Lilly

Yvonne and Mark,

We wanted to send you a message to give you an update on how well our Lily (formerly Mindy) is doing.  She certainly has completed our family and has become our daughter and a sister to our boys.  I can't tell you how much of a joy she has been you could tell that she was a loved puppy from the first second we had to her.  The boys play soccer every weekend and everyone ask where Lily is if we show up without her and she has became the team mascot of sorts.  My wife Cathy and I refer to her as "Princess Lily" and she is taken on a regular basis to get her pedicures at a Doggie Spa here in Fairfax, VA.  Her favorite spot to shop is Uptown Pet Boutique where she has gotten heavy jackets, flower harness and her favorite hooded sweatshirt. 
On a great note she was house and crate trained after two weeks!
We have sent several people your way and will continue to do so as we are 100% pleased with our puppy.  We cannot express how grateful we are that we went with Rockin R Puppies.  We will continue to stay in touch and please see the attachments!
By the way our 3 year old has Autism and Lily is the most patient puppy I have ever seen with him.
Feel free to put this on your website and use whatever pics you want!
Thanks so Much!
The Warfield Family
Gregg, Cathy, Drew, Tanner, and Casey

November 2011


Beabull Bull, Bella

Hi Mark & Yvonne,

Hope you had a "Happy Thanksgiving"!!!!


Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Bella (formally Tula) she is getting so big!!!! She has the sweetest personality & is extremely smart!!!!!  


We can't express to you how much we love her  & how grateful we are to you guys for "bringing her in to this world"!!!!!! She is a total "Daddy's Girl"!!!!!!!!! & so, so sweet!!! Again we can't thank you guys enough.




Happy Holidays!!!!

Kelly & Joe & Bella

November 2011


Froston, Cora

HI Yvonne,

I have attached our family photo which we just had done and wanted you to see Cora.  She is 3 years old now and is doing great.  We are really enjoying her.  What a personality she has.  I am always checking your site for more Froston.

Enjoy your holidays

Pam Paul

December 2011


Puggle Bull, Nali


We been meaning to email photos of our Puggle Bull named Nali. Her
name originally was Lexi. She is the cute wrinkly one on your home
page. She just turned 2 last month and has been a complete joy.


Anytime we bring her anywhere people absolutely

love her and are amazed how well behaved she is.

She is now 30 lbs. and living the good
life on the beach in Washington.

Thank you,

Mike & Karli

December 2011


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