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Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne



Remember: A happy, healthy puppy makes a HAPPY FAMILY


Puggle, Lilly

Hello from Utah. I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience getting a puggle from Rockin R puppies. We bought Susie (now Lilly) in December after the loss of my first puggle. Lilly is my third one and she is such a good girl. She is all puggle, bright, playful, curious, and 100% hilarious. Since this is the third puggle I have raised so I knew what to look for to insure I got a healthy wonderful dog. She is all of that and more. I couldn't be happier with Lilly and I recommend Rockin R puppies to anyone looking for a puggle,

Thanks so much

Chris Herndon 2019

January 2019



Puggle, Daisy


Here are some new pictures from this past year of Daisy. She is going to be 6 in February. She loves being outdoors.

Frank and Keri- New York

January 2019


Beabull Bull, Maggie

Our girl is almost 12 , hard to believe , we love her , she is the greatest

George Haley

June 2019


Puggles, Vito and Jemma

Just a note to say my friend and I are still so grateful we added puggles to our families! Jemma (formerly know as Willow) and Vito (formerly known as Blaze) are good friends! They see each other every month or two and it’s if they are siblings!
Jemma has grown much bigger than I expected - she’s a tall, lean 34 lbs+ lbs! She’s about 10 lbs bigger than Vito but they are both very healthy and happy!
Every now and then, I enjoy looking at your new puppies but stop looking before puppy fever kicks in again
Thanks again for this great addition to our family!!
Bonnie Tomassian

June 2019


Puggle, Moby

Hi! Just wanted to give a little update. We love Bolt so much. He is 7 months old and fits in with our family perfectly. He is full of energy with quite a bit of pug stubbornness ha! Growing too! 20 pounds already. He has the cutest dang face. Everyone loves him

Samantha Lovato

June 2019


Puggle, Carlyle

Carlyle ( pauly) is doing great! He is still extremely nervous around people but he LOVES dogs. Warming up to people- not sure why he is so shy with people??

He is such an amazing dog. So loving. Everyone wants to pet him and give him hugs. He is truly a sweetheart 

Jessie Moskovitz

June 2019



Enjoying the dog days of summer
Betty Minton

June 2019


Puggles, Taz and Daisy

I wanted to write and let you all know how happy we are with the puppies we purchased from you all.  We purchased Taz from you in 2016 and we purchased Daisy 6/6/19 when our older Puggle Ella passed away at 13.  Taz loves Daisy and they spend their days running around and playing or sleeping cuddled next to each other.  They have great personalities and we love our Puggle fur babies so much!  They make our lives exciting and fun and full of love.  Thanks for letting us make your puppies part of our family!

Tammy Evans

July 2019


Puggle, Lily

Hi guys, I just wanted to update you on Lily since it's been such a wonderful experience. 

It's been a few months since we got Lily and it's been such a wonderful experience so far. i couldn't have asked for a better companion. She is everything I could have asked for and so much more. She is learning things so fast and she already recognized facial cues and listens and remembers well. She has integrated very well into the family and loves all the other dogs. But my favorite thing about her is her loving personality. She is such a snuggler and loves to be in my arms or on me. I've never had a dog that loves to hug. She raps her arms around me and puts her face against mine. I've never seen anything like it. She is such a sweet dog and even though she is still a pup, I know i picked the right dog and I'll be forever grateful for her being in my life. Thanks again!

Chris Herndon

July 2019


Puggle, Leo


I just wanted to let you know that Leo is doing great. We got him from you a little over a year ago.  He’s a lot of fun and our family loves him.

Clark Laughlin

July 2019


Puggle, Gizmo

I was gifted “Gizmo” Bentley in 2011 as my undergraduate gift. He is 8 years old today he has been hands down the best dog I could ever ask for. He has been through so much with me & has been the most loyal dog. I just wanted to thank you for gifting me with best gift I have ever received in 30 years.

Jennifer Johnston

July 2019



Puggle, Charlie

One year later


October 2019


Beabull bull

Here are some pictures. It’s not easy to get them together hold still and take a picture. They are loving each other and playing all the time. I wasn’t sure how Gauge would feel about another dog but honestly I think he is in love with the puppy he has taken on the responsibility to teach Sampson the ropes and going potty outside and he is more playful and young again. lol. 

Kelli Guyotte

November 2019



Puggle, Gemma

This is Gemma. She has made a great addition to our family here in Michigan. My mother and father surprised my three siblings and I with her last year and my eleven year old brother couldn’t conceal his joy. She has been the cutest, craziest, most loving puppy I have ever encountered. She is insanely friendly and such a great addition to my family. I would recommend a puggle to anyone, even though they are very stubborn (in the cutest way).

Lauren Plave

December 2019





Hey Yvonne here is a picture of Gracie with our son Jordy . Candy will be Jordy’s dog .. Just wanted to show you how beautiful Gracie is we love her so much . Thanks for raising the best dogs ever..


December 2019




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