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2014 Customer Feedback

All our customers are invited to provide feedback about their experience with us and our puppies.

We will post all letters and emails with our customers' permission.



Thank You To All Our Valued Customers

Mark and Yvonne

Remember: A happy puppy is a happy family

Puggle, Zoe

Here is our sweet Zoe Mae (Rona) that was born Feb 22, 2009!!

 We love her so much and she still brings so much life into our family.

 Our graandson (2 1/2 years old) loves her to pieces and always

wants to take her to the "puppy park", that's where they are

at with him in the picture.  It's hard to keep her off the bed,

she's our princess and it's a little late to start making new

rule now LOL She also loves car rides, with the wind

in her face I think she has her little slice of heaven.



Thanks again for such a wonderful little girl!

Cindy Moritz 

July 2014


Puggle, Chloe

Hello Mark &Yvonne,

This is our precious puggle Chloe (formally known as Marissa)

She just turned 2 on 12/28/13. We adopted Chloe in Feb.2012.

She is adorable and has a wonderful personality!

She loves everyone and is always willing to give

a puggle snuggle and kiss. We adore her!!    


the Baron family  

January 2014


Minibull Bull, Hadley (Juliet),

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

I know it has been a few years but we wanted to update

you on our little miss Hadley (formally Juliet).

She is the love of our lives and has become our first child.  

We constantly are getting compliments on how beautiful

and well tempered she is.  We truly want to thank you for

allowing us to adapt such an amazing dog and will be back

for another mini bull bull in the future!! Here are some

pictures of her first 2 1/2 years with us. 


Megan Leavitt & Brandon A.

January 2014


Puggles, Pickle & Peaches

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for the 2

Puggles that we have welcomed into our family

from rockin r puppies! They have both been the

loves of our lives since we took Pickle (Bugsy)

our male Puggle home to San Diego 3 years ago

and now our 6 month old Peaches (Sunni) who we

just got a few months ago. They are best friends

now, they were happy & healthy when we got them

and we have been keeping it that way ever since.

I have included a few photos from when they were

just puppies until now. We wish you a Happy New Year

and thank you for bringing happy, healthy puppies into

this world for people to love!

Our lives wouldn't be as joyful without Pickle & Peaches!


Sarah & Nathan F. :)

January 2014


Pugglebull, Guava

Hi Mark & Yvonne,

Guava (formerly Queenie) has been with me since October 2008.

  I am so glad that I adopted her from you back then.

 She has been the perfect family dog.  She's 100% happy

being active or just laying around in front of the TV with me.

 She loves everybody and everybody loves her.

 As an adult, she's been around 25 to 30 lbs depending on how much she eats...haha.

So, she's also the perfect size dog for me and my life living in a condo.

I've gone ahead and attached several adult pictures of Guava

so you can use them to show others adult pictures of PuggleBulls.

Thanks again, Brue

January 2014


Puggle, Kobe


I bought Kobe from you three years ago and

he is the most amazing dog ever! He has the

best personality and is just adorable. Attached

are some photos of him all grown up. When I

bought him his name was peanut. I will be

looking for another puggle this summer and

will definitely come to you again!



Thanks for Kobe! Nelson

January 20


Puggle, Madison

Hello everyone at rockingr puppies. 
I just wanted to give u an update on Madison ( Maddie)

yes we kept her name. She is now weighing 11.7 lbs

growing like crazy and LOVES the snow here

in Massachusetts. She is such a joy to have in

our home and she gets along great with our

other dog and our cats. I'm so happy I found

you guy's and I thank you for everything with her.

Here are a few pictures of her. 

Your friend 
Diane & Maddie 

January 2014


Beagle, Jackson

Hi Mark and Yvonne!

We have been so blessed to have Jackson, he is now

3 months old and so playful, he truly brings a smile

to everyone's face. He is healthy and happy, adjusting

well to his new home and family. We really appreciate

how concerned you have been in making sure

all is well with Jackson.

Thank you for everything, we love him so much!!!!

The Conklin Family

January 2014


Pugglebull, Roxy

HI, I just wanted to send you a couple picture of Roxy

she is now 4 years old and has been

a great addition to our family!



January 2014


Pugglebull, Sparticus AKA Phillip

Just wanted to send you a quick update.  Sparticus (formerly Phillip)

is now eight months old and is an absolute joy. He loves to play

and never fails to keep us entertained.

Thank you for providing us with this fun little guy. Vicky C.

February 2014


Puggle, Koko

I just want to thank you for my dog, Koko.

I purchased her from you in December 2012.

She is a sweet companion and

I'm glad that you took such good care

of her before she joined my family.


February 2014


Pugglebull, Marley

Here are a few pics of our Pugglebull, Marley

who was born May 29, 2013. She is the

sweetest dog we have ever owned, loves

to snuggle and be held. She is quite playful

and despite being the shortest of our 4 dogs

doesn't back down from any of them.

We just love our little sausage dog. James

March 2014


Puggle, Genki

Hi Mark & Yvonne. I left feedback twice before

but I wanted to update about my puggle I got from

you in Sep 2010. (His name was Ruff Ruff)

He has been very healthy and very smart,

I am so happy that I found him!

He is 3 and half year old now.

We won first place twice at Rally Trial,

and we love canine freestyle.

He loves training with me and very mom's boy.
I love him so much!!

 I found his brothers and we share photos

on facebook :) but I am still wondering my

pup's sister Marshmallow.

I want to get another puggle soon!

 Thank you so much! 




 Chika & Genki (ruff ruff)  San Diego

March 2014


Puggle, Sophi

Hi guys this is marys daughter Tiffany, thank you so much for sophi

she amazing very well behaved and loves to be loved an cuddled.

Her and mia love each other we are getting mia used

to playing easy with sophi cuz she's so small and mia is a bit rough.




Thank you again for the amazing puggles you guys have

the best dogs I personaly will never have another

dog other then a puggle ! Amazing dogs mia and sophi

are both well behaved loving dogs.


March 2014


Hi mark & Yvonne

Its Tiffany again I just had to share these adorable pics

of Sophi with you. mom and I went on a dunkin run

and Sophi loved it as you can tell. she licked almost

all the whip cream off the coolata. she is such a

bundle of joy I really love her so much. thank you

again for the amazing puggles. please post this

to your site if you would like. thank you have a great night. xo Tiffany



Puggle, Daisy

Happy 1st Birthday, Daisy

Daisy is doing very well. This is her first winter with us

and her first experience with a lot of snow in NY.

She is still healthy and active. She is currently

about 25 pounds and that's what we plan to keep her.

We love our baby girl she's so sweet!

Attached is her first birthday picture We celebrated Feb 12th

Thank you
Frank and Keri

March 2014


Froston, Toki

4 years ago I bought a Froston from you.

His name on your site was Pierre

but we renamed him Toki.

I wanted to send you guys a few recent pics of him.

He grew up to be a tiny little thing at about 15 lbs.

We absolutely adore him and he is so well behaved!

We can't get over what an amazing dog

he is and such a perfect fit for my husband and I.

I just wanted to say thank you for blessing us with this adorable face! :)

Erika & Aaron Gietz

March 2014


Puggle, Riley

I wanted to give an update on our puggle!

My husband surprised me with her for my birthday

back in December. She travelled all the way to California!

She came to us as Jazzy and without even knowing

your names I named her Riley!! She came with

full paperwork and was healthy. We've had her

for 3 months now and she is the center of our lives.

She is a crowd favorite at the dog park and is friends

with every person and animal she meets!

Her favorite toy is her squeaky ball, which she

learned to chase and return quickly.

I would recommend rockinRpuppies to anyone considering adopting a puggle! 

Thanks rockinRpuppies!!

Randi Tim and Riley 

April 2014


Pugglebull, Dart

I know I have already sent you a testimonial with pictures

but I am so in love with my puppy I wanted to keep you updated!!

  Dart is just a blessing.  He is such a good boy!!! 

We are still interested in another puppy from you

just with my health I don't feel it's fair to bring

a puppy into the family yet.  Hopefully, soon that

will be no longer be an issue. 

Anyways we tell everyone who asks about you. 

We brag to everyone about our puppy!!! 

He's not a puppy anymore but he will always be my puppy!!!

Tanya Armstrong


April 2014


Puggle, Milo

Hi Yvonne
   Hope all is well! Here is a recent pic of Milo!

He's getting big, he's up to 15 lbs now.

We are all adjusting to having Milo and absolutely love him.

He is part of our family now and would be lost without him.

Thanks again:)

~ Ann Noce

May 2014


Beagle, Jasmine

Mark and Yvonne-  This is long overdue, but wanted you

to know that our puppy arrived safely in Indianapolis.

 We picked her up from the airport and headed down to

Lake Monroe for the Memorial holiday on our houseboat.

 She did wonderful and you will be pleased to know

that she already has her sea legs.  She has been a

great puppy and very easy to potty train.  She fits well

into our family and our grandchildren adore her (maybe too much).

 When our grandkids misbehave at their daycare

they have to go to  "cool down".    We sometimes have to save

our puppy from all their handling by putting her in her crate

and telling the grandkids that she has to go to "cool down".

 I also wanted to thank you both for answering all my were both very patient.  We have never

shopped on line for a puppy nor ever bought a puppy on line either.

 You made us feel comfortable with the process and it

worked out much better than we ever expected.

 Thanks for being so reliable and trustworthy.  

We will keep you posted on her growth and development.

 She has been to the vet and going back in another week.

 She is a healthy puppy and has a very friendly, warm personality.  

My husband who was skeptical of having another dog

has warmed right up to her.  She is such a pleasure and was meant to be.  

Thanks again, Allen and Yvonne Culpepper

PS:  Our oldest grand-dog is named Jasmine and

we call her Jazzy so we re-named her to Miss Millie Mae.  

The picture below is Millie on my husband's lap at our boat.  

June 2014


Beabull Bull, Miss Louise Margeaux

I just want to thank you for our little girl Miss Louise Margeaux.

She is quite the diva and everywhere we go she is the center of attention.

She is the most energetic dog I've ever had.

She's healthy and was easy to potty train.
Thank you for giving us our third little girl.

(You may use the pictures to show what a beabull bull looks like at 9 months

My favorite part of her is her curly que tail

Jme and Juan

July 2014


Pugglebull, Macy


It has been about 1 1/2 years since we adopted our Macy
from you. She is a Puggle Bull. She brings such joy to everyone around
her. It is very hard to discipline her because she rolls to her back to
get her belly rubbed. She truly knows how to get to our heart.  

My daughter and I joke that when she graduates and moves out we will have
to set up some sort of custody/visitation agreement between us.  She has
been a blessing. Just wanted to share our story and some pictures for
you to share.
Thank you,
Malinda A Collins

July 2014



Beabull Bull, Ollie

Hi rockin r puppies! I just wanted to share a few

photos of how Ollie (Alexandra) was doing! We

are so lucky to have such a fantastic well behaved

smart dog. She has made a perfect addition to our

family for almost two years now.

We were so lucky to stumble upon your site!!

Jessica Livingstone

August 2014


Mini Bull, Kiwi (Polly)

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

I got Kiwi (formerly Polly the mini-bull) back in

August 2010 and she has been the love of my life. 

We enjoy bike rides to the beach every morning

(she runs along next to me) and nightly beach runs.

  She is SPOILED!  Everyone in our beach town

knows and loves her.  How could they not?! 

She is full of love towards peoples, babies, other dogs, etc.

  I'm so grateful for her in my life.  She was a 9 lb-er

when I got her and now she's a solid 50 lb bowling ball. 

Everyone is amazed that she is in such great shape and

that she weighs so much haha. 

Here are some photos of her from the past 4 years. 

As you can, she's a beauty! 

The other dog is Guava, the pugglebull

that my brother got from you guys as

well - he also left some feedback & photos :) 


August 2014


Puggle, Otis

Hi there!

I wanted to provide customer feedback for your website. 

Attached is a picture of Otis (formerly Ramsey) who is

now almost 9 months old. The picture on the right is him

when he was just 9 weeks old.  He has been such a great

addition to the family.  He loves to play ball in the

backyard, and he actually brings it back :)

He is 100% healthy and is very active.  He gets along well

with other pups as well. 

So happy to have found him from RockingRpuppies.

- Jen

August 2014


Beabull Bull, Jorja


Thought you might want to see your little Terra (now called Jorja)

who is almost at the 4 month mark.  She is doing really well. 

I took some shots yesterday and weighed her and she is at 18 pounds.

She is definitely getting taller and longer....

We go back to the vet for her final round of puppy shots and

rabies next week.    I've been working on training her. 

She has mastered sit, and we are working on the leash walking.

She is so sweet and friendly - just wants to meet people,

loves to have her tummy rubbed and play with toys. 

Have a great day! 


September 2014


Puggle, Atticus

Hi Mark & Yvonne, 

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much

we are enjoying our sweet Atticus (formerly Bandit).

From the moment he came home he has been a loving

and affectionate part of our family. He is great with

our kids and is super playful, very energetic, loyal, and handsome!

Thanks so much for this sweet, sweet boy!

Cindy & Mark - Atlanta, GA

Septembe 2014


Beabull Bull, Chloe

Hi Yvonne this is lenny lavoie

i got (keeley) who is now Khloe i got her 3 months ago

and just thought i would give an update

  she has been nothing but a great joy in my life

she is such an attention grabber people constantly stop

and and want to pet her she love people and other dogs.

i could not ask for a better dog than her..thank u so much!

September 2014


Puggle, Ode

Hi! My name is Odie, my human got me a little

over a year ago and it's been perfect ever since!

Mom tells me I'm neurotic but she thinks I'm really funny.

I like to pretend I can fly and jump across the living room, couch to couch!

Food and treat are my two most favorite words.

I am very playful and energetic a majority of the time

but I know when it is time for bed I hide my toys under

the blankets so I don't have to sleep for nearly as long as my human. :)

I love going for car rides and carrying my frisbee everywhere.

Thank you for finding me a wonderful furever home!

My human is wanting to get me a baby brother

that looks like me soon and I am very excited!

September 2014


Beaubull Bull, Bailey

Hey guys….I just wanted to share some pictures

of Bailey (Cherry) with yall now that she is 1.

Our son really adores her and we are really happy

to have her as a part of our family….she is pretty

stubborn  Not sure if that’s the beagle, the bull dog

or the fact that she is a female, but when she has her

mind made up its her way or she cant suddenly hear.  J

September 2014


Puggle, Roscoe

Hi Mark and Yvonne,
Just wanted to provide feedback about my puggle Roscoe (formally Yogi)

that I purchased in August of 2013.

He is our pride and joy and his personality is incredibly endearing.

He is the perfect brother and

companion for our beagle, Leila. Enclosed are some photos

of our big guy all grown up. Thank you for the amazing pup.

-Jillian & Gilbert Santiago

September 2014


Cali, Puggle

Our sweet puppy arrived to us on May 30, 2014.

  She has now been apart of our family for 4 months.

We named her Cali and she is the most amazing sweet puppy.

We truly feel blessed to have her in our life. 

Thank you Rockin R Puppies. 

Our experience was perfect and our Miss Cali is truly priceless.

Angie and Family
Northern California

October 2014


Puggle, Miki

Miki just turned one today! 

He is doing very well and we LOVE him so very much! 

Thank you for picking Miki for us.  When we received him he was so little

that we decided to call him Miki, it means little in Inupiat.

#1  Miki and Oakley – “Best Friends” & In My Chair!!

  Very muddy day, my husband had them both out for a run,

he wasn’t watching  and they both ran in, mud all over the carpet and my chair!

#2  Miki, come on let’s play ball!

Thanks again,
Terry Lawvor Miller and Family

October 2014


Beabull Bull, Hamilton a.k.a Louis

Happy Halloween Mark and Yvonne !! 

Thought I'd give you a quick update on "Hamilton" aka Louis .

He is such a joy in my life and is always in my arms giving me cuddles .

Thank you for such an amazing blessing,

I couldn't imagine my life without him .  


October 2014


Puggle, Max

Mark, Wanted to share an update

on the Puggle I purchased from you in March 2012.

Max will be three in January and has become a star.

He recently wrote a book with his best friend Luther,

an old English Bulldog

about his adventures at the dog park.

I attached a picture of the two to this email.

Check out his book:

Thanks again - he has been an awesome dog!


November 2014


Peagle, Dexter

Dear mark and yvonne,

Thank you for changing out lives with dexter.

We have had this little guy for 5 months now

and are simply beside ourselves with the overwhelming happiness this puppy has brought us.

  He has made us a real family, and we  could not be happier.

We just wanted to write to let you know that dexter is happy, healthy,

and still the most beautiful little dog we have ever seen.

He is so loving, playful, social, and simply wonderful.

I can't count the number of people who stop

to gush over him on every walk and tell us he should be in commercials.

Thanks again for bringing this joy into our lives.

Attached are a few photos of our Dex growing up. Thanks again!

Elena and alex

November 2014


Puggle, Izabella Ann

We just love our Puggle !

She's beautiful loving and is a joy to have around!

She is great with our grandkids!

She gets along with our older dog Patrick also! 

Dawn Fowler and Craig Bassett

November 2014


Beabull Bull, Miss Louise Margeau

We just thought we would update you on diva

Miss Louise Margeau's progress.

She's so lovey and now that she's 14 months

she is as needy and lovey as ever.

My children can't get enough of her (neither can my husband)

we all call her piglet.

Thank you so much for giving

us such a sweet angel to add to our family.
(You may use these pictures for your website)


December 2014

Doger, Puggle

Hi mark
Just wanted to touch base with
You to thank you for
my best friend Doger.

He arrived On august 24 2007.
I believe he was born june 26th 2007.

My children and hubby also love him tremendously .
I could never ever imagine having such a great
And loyal friend.
Sincerely Melanie Haveron

December 2014


Puggle, Milo

First Birthday

Merry Christmas from Milo, he is such a joy in my life.

  Thank you for sending him to me in Ontario!!!!!!!!!

Sharon G.

December 2014


Puggle, Tink


My husband and I purchased Tink (previously named Mariah) in February 2013

. She is a second generation Puggle.

We absolutely LOVED her from the moment we picked her up at the airport.

She is the sweetest dog we have ever met.

She adds so much joy to my life- I couldn't imagine life without her.

I just wanted to share a few photos of her.

Her face looks permanently sad but I promise, she's very happy! :)

December 2014


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