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These are Letters and e-mail we have recieved. Good, bad, or indifferent nothing has been changed. We will be happy to post your response. This Page contains letters recieved in 2008.

Thank You

Mark and Yvonne

2008 Customer Feedback


A happy puppy is a happy family

Hi Mark,
Thank you again ever so much for all the time and effort you provided to us in getting our new puppy home in time for Christmas! Bozley, aka Moonracer, is more than we ever hoped for in a puppy. He is fantastic with our children, super friendly, smart, extra loving, very docile…the list goes on!
I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you and your team for getting Bozley to us safely and providing us with constant updates on his flight status.
We will always highly recommend you to anyone who asks where we got Bozley from, (it happens all the time!). We hope that any other unsure Canadians buyers reading this will take this letter as reference and proof that you are truly one of the great breeders out there and take pride in serving your clients. You truly do deliver fantastic puppies! Please feel free to give our information to anyone for a reference.
We wish you and your team all the best and thank you again for our wonderful new addition.
Here are some pictures of Evan and Kendra with Bozley.
Christie, Matt, Evan and Kendra

When our family was looking to a bring a puppy into our family, we had no idea how fortunate we would be. I actually found Mark and Yvonne from another The picture of Precious was so adorable. She was sitting in this teacup, and I couldn't stop looking at her. She was and still is absolutely adorable. Precious is a shi-poo which works our really good because I consider her to be ultra-hypoallergenic. I then went to, their website. I e-mailed Mark and Yvonne praying that she was still available and she was. As soon as I knew that, I purchased her. She joined our family here in Massachussetts on October 12, 2007. The minute she came out of her crate she was playful and very social with our 3 children. And she has a special bond with our daughter Stephanie (see picture). They are almost inseparatable. Precious follows her around everywhere. And if precious is not in sight, Stephanie will call for her. It is so cute. And when she is tuckered out from playing she curls up on me or my husbands lap to take a nap. We are so happy with her, that we are actually waiting for the arrival of our next puppy, Lena, also a shi-poo that we have purchased from Mark and Yvonne. I never gave it another thought. When we discussed bringing a sister in for Precious, I knew that it would have to be from Mark and Yvonne. So, I thank you Mark and Yvonne for your beautiful, healthy, and very happy puppies. We love Precious so much and can't wait to have Lena join us..tomorrow!! We are so excited.

Jennifer, Douglas, Trevor, Shea, and Stephanie
Braintree, Massachussetts

The process for picking out the perfect puppy is so exciting, yet so stressful!! After researching many breeders and web sites, we stumbled across Rockin R Puppies. Right away we knew that these puppies were something special. They were all so cute and it was very hard to decide. Mark and Yvonne made the process so easy for us; answering numerous questions, always taking our phone call, etc. They were the reason why we picked our little guy, Rummy. When we picked him up at the airport, he was so tiny and scared, but as soon as we got him in the car on the way home, he came alive. Showering our faces with kisses was the basis of the car ride home, and things sure have not changed!! Rummy is currently 5 months old and is the joy of our lives! Everyday with him is a new adventure and we could not be any happier. He is the light of our lives and we thank it all to Mark and Yvonne. We highly recommend Rockin R Puppies. They are healthy and full of life!!

Brian and Kelly, NJ

On September 14, 2007, Josie (Jewels) arrived at our home north of Atlanta, Ga. I just wanted to email and let you know just what a wonderful addition to our family she has been!!!! When she arrived via Continental airlines, she was absolutely beautiful and everything I could have wanted. She adjusted very fast and has become an important member of the family. She was housetrained by the time she was four months old and has been doing very well with her obedience classes we have attended. She is very smart and listens to whatever you are trying to get her to do. She is stubborn sometimes but that is just part of her personality. I never ordered a puppy on line before and I found it to be a great experience working with you. I wanted to send you a couple of pictures so you can what she looks like now. My family loves her as I do and I have considered contacting you for a little sister for her. I would definitely recommend RockinRPuppies to anyone looking for a Puggle!!!!

Brenda Bagley
Buford, Georgia

Hi Mark & Yvonne

I was looking on your web site and saw buddy picture when he was a baby and we purchased him in August 2007 he is doing great he really is enjoying him self with my two boys. he is now 8 months old. I am sending you an updated pictures of him hope you and Yvonne are doing well we want to thank you for a wonderful dog keep up the good work.
Take care


Mark and Yvonne,

My family and I want to thank you for bringing Walker into our lives. He is the most amazing dog. From the day we picked him up from the airport it seemed as though he belonged with us. We can tell that he was well taken care of and loved. He is a very sociable puppy and loves to cuddle. He is active and is well on his way to potty training. Thank you for your prompt responses to our phone calls and emails. We enjoy looking at your website and have recommended many people to Rockin R Puppies. Walker is a real celebrity wherever we go. My family and I will be forever grateful for the great love and care you gave to our baby boy while he was with you. We have attached some pictures so you can see how well he is doing.

Thank again,

Fred Grieve and family
Ronkonkoma NY

Hi Mark, Yvonne, and Caitlyn,

Hope you all are well. We have been remiss in sending you and update on our Bullie Beagle Tucker. You sent him to us in August, and since then he has been a special member of our family. Tucker has an amazing disposition and temperament. He's bright, great with the kids, and is soooo healthy and energetic. Tucker's also a virtual celebrity in our neighborhood. Lots of dog pals…neighbors stop to see him all the time. He loves snow, and playing tug of war. He's also turning into a great watchdog, and is protective of his surroundings.

You all are fantastic breeders. We could not possibly be happier with the quality of our puppy, and the wonderful service you provided. EVERYTHING you told us about Tucker and your service was accurate. If you ever need a reference, feel free to have anyone call us. Sorry this note took so long to get out to you. We really meant to update you sooner.

Best Wishes

Mark & Denese Katich and Boyz

We purchased our puggle puppy (Armani A.K.A Ajay) from Mark and Yvonne Riley in January of 2008. We did have some reservations about purchasing a puppy online as I am sure most people do, after speaking with Mark and Yvonne over the phone all of our questions and concerns were answered and we felt confident in going forward and purchasing our puppy from them... Mark and Yvonne helped us in deciding which puppy would be the best fit for our family and sent us numerous pictures of the puppies to help in our decision. We picked our puppy up at the airport and as soon as we opened his crate he came out cuddled up into my neck and started showering me with kisses. He was exactly what we wanted in a puggle and more. We had him vet checked shortly after arriving and he was in perfect health. Mark and Yvonne truly care for all of there puppies, Armani came to us well socialized and I must add that he smelled really good. We were so happy with our puppy from the Riley's that we decided to purchase Armani's brother from them as well ...(Versace A.K.A Jacy) was still available 2 weeks after receiving Armani and so we went forward in purchasing him from the Riley's also. ...Versace also came to us well socialized and he smelled just as good...everything went just as smoothly the second time around.
The boys were easily house broken and crate trained and It only took me a day to teach them to ring the bell by the door when they need to go outside.
They are also really good with my 9yr old daughter and my 20 month old son, our English Mastiff has even taken to them as if she was there mother, she keeps them in line and loves to snuggle up with them and take a is too cute.
I haven't seen her so happy and eager to play in a long time. The puggles brought the puppy out of our 4yr old Mastiff again.
Mark and Yvonne were easy to work with and really nice, they made this experience one that I would do again and again ( if I only had a bigger house)
Even after receiving the puppies Mark and Yvonne still answer my emails promptly.
It is hard to find a breeder today that isn't in it just to make a buck and that actually care for the breed, the Riley's are few and far between.
I am quick to recommend the Riley's at Rockin R Puppies to anyone wanting an absolutely adorable puppy who comes from a loving home and where the puppies are cared for as they should be cared for.
We are so happy and I am sure that if you decide to go forward with the Riley's you will be just as happy as we are with our beautiful boys.

I would also like to add that we recently went on vacation and left the boys and our Mastiff at a doggy hotel and when we picked them up the owner said to us and I quote " we get a lot of puggles in here and they always seem to be tough guys, but yours are just so sweet, all of the workers fell in love with them"

.....and he also added that our Mastiff kept trying to get into the little dog area to be near the puggles, so they put them all in there own area so that they could all be together.
It just shows how sweet they are, and that everyone even other family pets will fall in love with them.

Thank you Mark and Yvonne
you loved and cared for my puppies before they came to me and it shows.

Paula, Chris, Mariah, Rocco,
Bella, Armani & Versace
Weymouth, Ma.

Hi Mark and Yvonne,
I just wanted to drop an email and let you know how much we love Cecily ( we renamed her Lucy Mia) We have 5 children so we needed a dog that everyone would be happy with. We are all pleased with our puggle. Our children range in age from 20 to 3 and everyone has taken to her, even my 16 year old son who wanted a "BIG" dog. She has been going potty outside and loves her crate. She is playful but loves to snuggle in our necks! Everyone says how cute she is. I was apprehensive about buying a dog online, but after reading your reviews and speaking to you, I decided to go ahead with it. I could not be happier. She was flown to us and showed up in fabulous condition! I just wanted you to know how happy we are and so is she! Thank you so much and if we decide to get her a brother or sister I will be in touch!!
The Broderick Family (Lowell, MA)

I saw your website now has videos, My boyfriend and I fell in love all over again! In the fall when we get a new place we will definatley be buying another puggle from you guys.
Roxy is growing so fast, yet so beautifully. Hopefully some of the people who I referred you to were blessed with one of your pups. I told them how I looked through hundreds of puggles and when I saw yours NO ONE even came close. Roxy has become an amazing part of our family and is so loved! Thanks again for bringing such wonderful dogs into the world!!

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

Cheryl Lambert here....we're the ones who bought Marley (who was Brandi) back in March. From Vernon, BC Canada. I've told a few people about your website as Marley has been a big hit here! She really is cute and we're so happy with her.

Marley is doing awesome. We're in obedience with her and she has been doing awesome! Better than even the instructors thought she'd be! I'm sending some pics of her. She's with our son and one, and our daughter (on the left) and her friend in our pool! She's 20lbs, and I'm hoping she's done growing. She's the perfect size.
Take care

~Jody and Cheryl Lambert

Yvonne and Mark are the absolute BEST!!! I purchased Paisley (Pixie for short!) about a week ago from them. Mark was very helpful throughout the whole process and very informative. When Paisley got here it was love at first sight! The Riley's take excellent care of their puppies and it shows! Paisley has an excellent disposition and is already doing well with potty training, and knows how to sit, and lay down! She is very healthy as well and gets tons of attention wherever she goes! I would not hesitate to recommend Mark and Yvonne if you are ever looking for the perfect puppy! They deliver! Thanks again guys, you did a great job!
Reviewer: Melanie,

I saw your website now has videos, My boyfriend and I fell in love all over again! In the fall when we get a new place we will definatley be buying another puggle from you guys.
Roxy is growing so fast, yet so beautifully. Hopefully some of the people who I referred you to were blessed with one of your pups. I told them how I looked through hundreds of puggles and when I saw yours NO ONE even came close. Roxy has become an amazing part of our family and is so loved! Thanks again for bringing such wonderful dogs into the world!!


Hi Mark,

Just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying Sefu (Braveheart). We've ironed out a lot of the things we were having trouble with at first. He's really become the center of the family. Thanks so much for your advice and help with everything. I've attached some recent pictures. Take care and thanks again!

Shanti and Siva

Hi Mark and Yvonne,
I wanted to send you a couple of pictures to choose from to add to your web site. We have found so much joy and happiness with our little puppy. He has a great personality and is so much fun. He is learning how to swim and loves the water. He has been doing pretty well with his potty training he has actually slept in the bed a couple of times. He holds it all night now, but he still hasn't quiet gotten the concept of not going in the house during the day. We are going to start dog training classes with him soon and were looking forward to that. We take him with us when ever we can. He does quite well in the car. We want to thank you for being such great breeders and will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
Eric and Mary Harmon

Hi Mark & Yvonne,

Hope you are both doing well! Kevin and I wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Fenway (formerly Shayla). She is AMAZING!! She truly is our little angel and we adore her. She's definitely the princess in our house, and can be a little stubborn at times, but she's absolutely the sweetest puppy and so much fun!

She started puppy school three weeks ago and is doing really well in class. She's learned several tricks and several key obedience words. She'll do anything for a treat! =)

She's also made friends with many of the dogs in our neighborhood and has had several play dates with Kevin's sister's dogs. She definitely has no fear!

Thank you so much for bringing her into our life. She's brought us so much joy, laughs, and puppy kisses!!

Gaiya & Kevin Berube

Mark and Yvonne-Just wanted to let you know Samson who we have decided to name Charlie is doing great. The vet visit went well and we are all set. He is such a lovable puppy. We are having a lot of fun with him. Thanks again for everything you have done to help us add Charlie to our family. I've attached a pic for you.
Jenna and Matt

Hi Mark and Yvonne!

We wanted to drop an email to let you know that Cherub (re-named, Raisin) is doing so well! She is such a great little puppy - and we are so happy to have her! She runs our house and is a little spoiled, but we just love her so much! She is very smart and learns quick.....we graduated from Puppy class and are starting Intermediate classes in a few weeks. She does so well with all people and other dogs. Whenever we take her somewhere, people always comment on on well behaved she is and ask where we got her from. Everyone simply adores her. They call her "the puppy that everyone loves" at the vet. She now weighs 18lbs....was recently spayed and did great with that too. We are attaching a few pictures for you.

Sarah Chambers & Jesse Cantara

Dear Mark and Yvonne,

Hello! We wanted to give you an update on Joanie...Now named Kobi. We love her soo much! She is now almost 7 months and weighs around 23 pounds. She loves to play...and she loves attention. She loves to play with larger dogs. Golden Retrievers are her favorite to mingle with. She is so friendly with children and loves people. If she is not chewing on a joy, she is crying at the door to go play and run outside. She is very much the athlete. Any dog gate is not too high for Kobi. She will jump over any of them...clearing the gate with lots of air. lol When she eats her food, eating out of a dog bowl is too simple for little miss Kobi...she would much rather spill her bowl then eat her food making a very big mess.

We would like to say Thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful, loving and energetic puppy. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her. We have attached a few pictures to show you her growth. She just started doggie school so one picture is of that. Another is of her watching The Dog Whisper. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks Again,
Amy and Spencer Hariton

I purchased Holly (formally known as Taffy) from you almost a year ago. She just celebrated her 1st birthday on Tuesday. So, I wanted to write and say Thank you! She has been an absolute joy in our family! Her personality and demeanor are better than I could have ever imagined. Since the day she came to our home, she loves to sit and cuddle with us. I attached some pictures of her, so you can see her all grown up!
Josephora and Richard

Dear Mark and Yvonne,

We received our puggle Bailey from you in September, 2007. We wanted to thank you for how easy you made the process for us. From the moment that Bailey arrived we fell in love. She is an amazing dog, with a wonderful personality. She gets along so well with our other dog, a shar pei named Meatball. She has been an amazing addition to our family. We recommend anyone who is looking for a puppy to use you as breeders. When Bailey arrived we could tell she was well taken care of.

Thanks again,
Theo & Michaela Gremminger


Dear Rockin R Puppies,

A year ago today we picked up our new Puggle Puppy. Her name is Bella Marie. She's the most playful, happy, adorable and lovable dog ever. She was extremely easy to train, enjoys walks, and especially loves playing ball at the park. One of her favorite things to do is snuggle with us as much as she can when she can. She greets us with kisses when ever we've been gone for a while or just to say hi and I Love You. We'd like to say "Thank You" to both Mark and Yvonne. Both answered any and every questions we had. Getting Bella was the most rewarding decision we've ever made and when we decide on a second dog it will definitely be another Puggle and it will also be from Rockin R Puppies.

Danny, Lindsey & Bella
Palmdale, California

Hi Mark,

It has now been seven months since we got our puggle Levi from you. We renamed him Merlin. From the moment we got him he's been so healthy and full of energy. I was really surprised how easy he was to train, he is so smart. He was practically housebroken from the day we got him. He really liked to chew things, but he quickly learned what he was and wasn't allowed to chew. He loves to play with toys and play fetch. He wants to be with us whenever he can, but he goes in his crate without complaint when it's time to rest. He was a little shy around other dogs at first, but ever since we starting bringing him to doggie daycare and our local dog park he has come out of his shell, and he loves to play with other dogs now! Merlin is unbelievably sweet, loves to give tons of kisses and he is friendly with everyone. He is now 9 months old, and is full grown at 21 pounds. I want to say thank you so much for giving us such an amazing pet and companion. We recommend you to everyone who asks us about Merlin, and if we were to get another dog we would absolutely come to you.

Take care,

Kaitlynn Carter & Josh Ciocco

PS Ive attached a few pictures of Merlin as well.

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

Now that it's been a good 3 months that we have had Hank ("Kipper") we wanted to give you an update and send some pictures, now that he is MUCH bigger and grown up.

Hank is doing great! He has grown so fast in these past 3 months. When we first received him he was 7 pounds. He is now 28 pounds at 5 months! He absolutely loves everyone that he comes in contact with, and everyone loves him! He is great around other dogs, and just loves to play. He has lots of energy and he is always keeping us on our toes. He's also a very quick learner and well-behaved. It's really not hard to train him, we're very fortunate to have such a smart puppy. Whether he is around a 4 pound dog or a 100 pound dog, he loves them all, and really isn't afraid of the size of the dog, as long as they want to play. Thank you so much for all of the information you have provided and for making the process of getting Hank so easy. He has brought so much joy to our lives, and we're looking forward to seeing him grow into a great dog.

Thanks again and happy holidays!
Erika and Bobby


Hi Mark and Yvonne,

We really enjoy Griffin (a.k.a. Rusty) and Jada (a.k.a. Roxy)!!! They are our first pets that we ever had! We didn't think they would smell so good when we picked them up! Roxy is doing really well with housebreaking! Rusty is starting to get the idea now that we always reward them! They love to chew on everything! Rusty loves to sleep, if he is not playing with his sister, Roxy, or the family he is sleeping! Roxy, loves to play with everyone in sight! We are really pleased with our puppies! We just want to thank you! We would definitely get another puppy or puppies from ''ROCKIN R PUPPIES''!

Happy Holidays,

The Carters from NJ

P.S. I attached the pictures that we would like you to put on the website!


Hi Mark & Yvonne!

Just want to give an update on Jemma (aka Java). She's a little bit over 5 months now, and is such a darling! She brings joy to my whole family, and is constantly making everyone laugh with her crazy-funny demeanor. She recently graduated from a puppy obedience class. Everyone in the class loves that Jemma is a social-butterfly, along with her cute howls. She was potty-trained within the first week, and learns new tricks all the time! I just want to thank you for all the help and information provided. Everywhere I go I get stopped a handful of times, asking where I got her from, and how cute she is. I recommend you guys to everyone. If I decide to get another puppy, they will definitely be from you without a doubt. Thanks again for giving me such an amazing puppy!!

Best Wishes & Happy Holidays,

Amber Guziczek

P.S. I've attached a few pictures of Jemma

Hi Mark and Yvonne,

We wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! We also wanted to share some
photos of Jersey. Jersey is the boglen terrier we adopted from you in
August. She was originally named Cassidy. She is perfect! We
absolutely adore her! She is the perfect addition to our family. She
has been extremely healthy. She is a very loving dog who brings so
much joy and laughter to our household. She also keeps us on our toes
as she likes to swipe things, especially shoes! Her shoe of choice
are crocs. She has destroyed 2 pairs so far! We found a squeaky toy
shaped like a croc and had to get it for her for Christmas. We just
wanted to let you know how Jersey was doing.

Happy Holidays!

Gena, Kevin, Sabrina, Sierra and Jersey Patch

Hello Mark and Yvonne!

I just wanted to take the time this holiday season to thank you so much for bringing Roxie (formerly Marbles) into our lives. She is almost 6 months now and healthy and happy as ever! All she wants to do is play and love everyone and everything! She picked up very quickly how to sit, stay, and come (she is housetrained too!) - she is a very smart little girl! She is a star everywhere we bring her and no one can resist falling in love. Thank you so much for bringing this joy to our family. If she ever needs a brother or sister you will be the first people I call!

Take care and Happy New Year!
Cassie Leonard

I have attached some pictures - two from when we first got her and one at about 4-5months for her Christmas photo!

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